Monday, 25 April 2011

The Nasty Party!

This report just gives even more credence to the assertion that the Liberal Democrats really are the nasty party. We shall look forward to the outcome of the Police and probably the Ombudsman's investigation, but we'll all probably have forgotten what it's all about by the time the Ombudsman reports some 2 years from now!


Peter Black said...

As ever there is another side to this story. The fact you have prejudged a potential judicial process in this way does you no credit. In fact I would argue it is as nasty as anything you might accuse the Liberal Democrats of:

However, a Liberal Democrat spokesperson said: “It is true that Coun Powell has been questioned by the police in connection with an allegation of harassment which has been made by a Labour town councillor who is also an employee of the MP for Pontypridd.

“The allegations concern photographs and a video taken of the said councillor who Coun Powell felt was misusing a council corporate car parking space in Pontypridd to park free of charge to do personal shopping rather than being on specific council business.

“No charges have been laid, and we believe this to be part of an ongoing campaign to attempt to discredit Mike ahead of the Assembly election and following the huge gain in support at last year’s General Election when he cut Labour’s majority from 13,000 to less than 3,000 votes.

“The large volume of complaints made to the Ombudsman which have been found to be groundless we believe to be testament to this.”

The timing of this investigation is interesting to say the least. Labour must be really worried in Pontypridd if they are making personal accusations like this. It has happened before only for the charges to be dropped after the election. Maybe you should not be so keen to jump on the bandwagon.

glynbeddau said...

Quite frankly Peter Blacks comment that you have

"have prejudged a potential judicial process", is nothing to his subsequent defence of Mike (Bandwagon) Powell which may be correct but then again is this the way to do it anyway. Which about sums up the Libdems way of doing things. What you do is dishonest what we do is the cut and thrust of political campaigning.

When I challenged Peterlast hyear on the very dubious Bar Chart. that Powell had produced for the UK General election in Pthe Pontypridd Constituency he denied any knowledge of this but now seems to know the full fact of the case.

Anyway I can't see Labour worried at all in Ponty all the evidence (Posters etc) seem to indicate they will romp home. It is the Libdems who are worried that they will slip to third or fourth place.

Anonymous said...

The problem YOU have Peter is that Mike Powell doesn't care about the fortunes of the LibDems at the ballot box, and he's more interested in massaging his personal ego and lapping up the publicity of his latest backfiring stunt. In RCT, we have hospital services under threat, a Labour council has introduced swinging wage cuts, there's growing unemployment, child poverty, swimming pool closures, police cuts, and Pontypridd town continues to suffer economic decline. At the same time your LibDem candidate is running around municipal car parks throwing abuse at lady called Tina with a camcorder !! Do us all a favour, Peter, and get your candidates out of the sewer and start standing up for communities in Wales !!

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I have not compromised anything, I have reported on a story, linked it in with the fact the Lib Dems are nasty. Nowhere do I presume this guy's guilt. Furthermore:
1. The Police do not arrest people without reasonable grounds particularly not political candidates on the eve of an election.
2. The arrest was probably sanctioned at a high level.
3. Complaints would have been made
4. Before one is arrested for harrassment a warning is required to have been given under the Protection from Harrassment Act 1997, so you are arrested on second offences only.
5. The individual was bailed indicating that there was sufficient evidence for the Crown Prosecution Service to consider the PUBLIC INTEREST TEST. Had there been no evidence he would have been released unconditionally.
6. It is unlikely that two of Owen Smith's staffers would have made an out and out misleading statements as such actions WILL lead to Perverting the Course of Justice.

So on balance of probabilities Peter, there is something going on here which smells so you really need to wind your neck in and learn a bit of law before pontificating here.

Anonymous said...

Plaid have gained a reputation as the nasty party in Wrexham.

They were very aggressive towards a group of councillors attending a meeting about the No campaign for the Welsh Assembly Elections.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

As one who was there all we did was challenge the No campaigners for not allowing us in to a public meeting. That can be confirmed by a solicitor who was present...Tudor Williams. One of the no campaigners assaulted a member of the yes campaigners. So basically you are talking rubbish.

Peter Black said...

It sounds like you are prejudging to me. You also have zero knowledge of Police procedures. Clearly, you have more than a passing familiarity with nasty tactics.

Oh, and the so-called defence I mounted of Mike Powell was copied verbatim from the Western Mail article. It is not my words.

Plaid Whitegate said...

"Zero knowledge of police procedures"... mmm, perhaps someone can gently point out to Peter Black that Plaid Gwersyllt is a recently retired police inspector with 30 years experience of frontline policing. Doh!

Peter Black said...

He should know better then.

Anonymous said...

Peter, although the defence you mounted for Mike Powell was copied verbatim from the Western Mail article, that were the quotes of a 'LibDem spokesperson'. We know who that is. It's Karen Roberts, Mike Powell's election agent. She is also an employee of the LibDems in the Bae, she's your own staff.

Anonymous said...

Peter you ejiit!

Plaid Whitegate said...

Peter - you're track record of abusing people (Leighton "moron" Andrews) suggests you're not the best person to lecture us on who "should know better".
Truth is - you're talking from a new orifice and a period of silent contemplation would be in order until you familiarise yourself with the details.