Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Queens Square: council proposes ban on political activity

Wrecsam council is proposing to ban all political activity in Queens Sq and Llwyn Isaf, two key areas of the town centre.

This blanket ban is being discussed at tomorrow's Corporate Governance scrutiny meeting and the council tries to use the moronic antics of the English Defence League as cover for this illiberal action.

In fact, such violent and racist groups - who last time only made it as far as Wetherspoons in their crusade for their country - are covered in one clause that states
"events which are considered by the town centre manager to be discriminatory or offensive ... will not be permitted".

So why also include a ban on any event promoting a democratic political party, group, organisation or individual? The history of democratic political protest in Wrecsam town centre is not something that should be snuffed out using the red herring of the EDL's pathetic outing to Wales.

Under this proposal, Plaid's recent street referendum on city status would have been banned. Our ability as councillors and campaigners to meet and talk to constituents on an issue such as saving the Special Care Baby Unit at the Maelor would be banned. Our opposition to the 2009 Israeli bombing of Gaza - when 100 people assembled one cold Saturday morning at 24 hours' notice - would be stifled.

This is a public space - a square designed to be a centrepiece for the town. To ban people from expressing legitimate political views in such a place is a nonsense.


Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Lot's of press interest, done an TV interview for Wales Today and Newyddion S4C as has Aled I believe. They have also been interviewing people in Queens Square.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Lucas and Lesley jumps on the bandwagon: