Sunday, 17 April 2011

Strong Words!

I rarely publicly disagree with Welsh Ramblings but I must on this occasion when he describes the decision of the six North Wales returning officers to start the Welsh Assembly election count at 9am on Friday the 6th May 2011, as 'deranged.' First of all I would challenge his use of the word 'deranged' to describe the decision and those who took the decision. Knowing by reputation most if not all those Chief Executives who took the decision, the last word I would use to describe them is deranged; rational being a more accurate description.

What seemed to have rankled the Ramblings is the fact that North Wales Returning Officers have taken a decision without reference to the rest of Wales; it may come as a bit of a shock but there is 'life outside the Cardiff bubble' and the sooner he/she realises this the better. It is no good preaching localism and then demanding uniformity and centralism.

The refusal by Mohamed Mehmet to do an U-turn in the face of political pressure is commendable, it makes absolute sense to start the count at 9am the morning after because of the AV count that MUST start at 4pm on the 6th May. It is a nonsense to start the count at 10pm on the Thursday night complete the Assembly count and then start again at 4pm on the Friday.

What should have happened was that the sixteen other Returning Officers should have agreed to the count starting at 9am on the 6th May.


Plaid Whitegate said...

I'd like to hear the arguments of the N Wales returning officers vs those of the others regarding counting overnight. It makes sense to ensure that the whole of Wales is counting at the same time - should have been sorted before now - but counting overnight is only a thrill for the anoraks.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Lot easier to get counting agents for day count than night count!

Anonymous said...

Counting should start as soon as possible folllowing the closure of polling stations.

M Mehmet may not be deranged but he shows a complete lack of understanding re election traditions and history. This was and remains a bad decision there is still time for him (and the others) to reverse their stupid decision.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

What about the staff, spare a thought for them. Would you want to be up all night counting a few hours sleep and then back again. Personally I don't care about electoral history and traditions.
The current system doesn't bring the best out of people.

Anonymous said...

What about all the workers who work nights all the time. Like the care workers who work a 10 hour night shift and then have to carry on working because someone on the morning shift hasn't come in. Happens all the time. Public servants really need to get clued up on how the other half live.

Anonymous said...

Not heard of working time regulations then?