Saturday, 23 April 2011

What do Welsh Labour stand for?

I pose this question because I'm somewhat confused as to what exactly the Welsh Labour party proposes for Wales if elected for the next 5 years. On the one hand Ed Miliband says last week that Wales has sufficient powers and doesn't need anymore.

Today, Rhodri Morgan in his Western Mail column, argues quite rightly that Wales should have powers to borrow money for infrastructure which is amazingly like the policy that Plaid Cymru are advocating in their manifesto, a half billion Build for Wales fund.

Does this support for greater devolution by Rhodri Morgan indicate further splits and fault lines between the unionist anti devolution wing of the British Labour Party and the progressive pro devolution wing of the Welsh Labour Party?

Perhaps the voters should have some clarity over what Welsh Labour have to offer and to explain some of the contradictions.

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