Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Carwyn's Announcement.

Carwyn Jones has just announced that Labour will go it alone in government despite not having a majority.

Significantly Carwyn did not discount discussing with other parties their future roles in the Assembly which probably means a 'supply and confidence' agreement with one of the opposition parties.

Before Carwyn can be elected First Minister the Assembly need to appoint a Llywydd or Presiding Officer and a Deputy.

The rumour mill is suggesting that the Conservatives take BOTH positions thus giving Labour an inbuilt majority of two. I have my doubts about this, I just can't see what the Tories get out of a deal like this and its far more likely that the Conservatives appoint the PO (Angela Burns?) and Labour the DPO (Rosemary Butler?) leaving the balance at 29 - 29.

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Anonymous said...

" No triumphalism or tribalism" - Carwyn Jones

We shall see!!