Monday, 9 May 2011

Delusions of victory

Winner of the "We almost won it" award for delusional candidate goes to Aberconwy's Eifion Wyn Williams.

He claims on Facebook that:

"It was neck and neck between us and the Tories in Aberconwy right until the last minute. Unfortunately a couple of thousand postal votes that the Tories had been working on for 3 years denied us of a win this time"

While all candidates are guilty of getting white-line fever at some stage of election contests, Eifion's still got the fever - believing he was robbed because of postal votes (how dare the Tories target them). And failing to mention that he came third behind Plaid Cymru.


Anonymous said...

Can we get rid of postal votes ... the system is very dodgy and very open to abuse (as Labour know!). + people vote before the campaign is over.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Turnout among postal voters was about 70% - so a significant chunk of the total votes.