Thursday, 12 May 2011

Dissolve 'poisonous' local party, said Labour AM, MP

This was the headline of a story that appeared on Page 6 of the Western Mail on Wednesday 4th May 2011, and written by Martin Shipton. The story relates to a request by Karen Sinclair then AM for Clwyd South and Susan Elan Jones MP to the Welsh Labour Party to 'dissolve' the Clwyd South Constituency Labour Party amidst allegations of bullying. The two elected members described THEIR constituency Labour party as dysfunctional and poisonous. The story never appeared on the electronic Wales Online and neither did it appear in any North Wales newspapers i.e. the Daily Post or the Leader in Wrecsam. For those of you who have not read this story here is a scanned copy.

Time and time again the issue is raised about the inadequecies of the media in Wales and this is certainly a story that has public interest especially the day before a Welsh General election. Perhaps the editors of the two papers mentioned will explain why they never published the story either before or after the election despite the Western Mail doing so?

Was the reason pressure from Trinity Mirror who have since the election directed their editors towards a more pro Labour stance or was there pressure from 'on high' within the Welsh Labour Party? One thing is sure there will be even less media scrutiny of Government performance by Trinity Mirror newspapers over the next 5 years, which unfortunately includes the Western Mail and the Daily Post.

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Anonymous said...

Yet more proof of Labour dominated media in Wales, bad for scrutiny and bad for democracy.