Saturday, 7 May 2011

Election 2011

Diolch yn fawr i bawb wnaeth helpu'r ymgyrch a phleidleisio i'r Blaid yma yn Wrecsam.
A huge thanks to all who helped the campaign and those who voted for Plaid here in Wrecsam.

The results locally were:

Lesley Griffiths
Labour 8,368 44.8 +16
John Marek Conservative 5,031 26.9 +9.7
Bill Brereton Lib Dem 2,692 14.4 -2.3
Marc Jones Plaid Cymru 2,596 13.9 +4.3

Ken Skates
Labour 8,500 42.4 +7.4
Paul Rogers Conservative 5,841 29.2 -0.2
Mabon ap Gwynfor Plaid Cymru 3,719 18.6 -1.4
Bruce Roberts Liberal Democrat 1,977 9.9 +0.4

Despite modest advances in Wrecsam, the results are disappointing for Plaid. There needs to be time to reflect on the reasons why but, in contrast to Scotland, it's apparent that Labour convinced more people that it would protect Wales from the worst of the ConDem cuts.

Congratulations to Lesley Griffiths and Ken Skates and commiserations to those Plaid candidates who fought the good fight.

PS The sourest moment of the campaign was reserved for John Marek's speech at the count. It really should become a Youtube clip. The bile and bitterness towards "his secretary, Lesley Griffiths" poured out and I'm sure he will now leave the Conservative Party. So glad Plaid rejected his advances.


John Broughton said...

Marek's speech really ought to be on U-tube, in an understatement I said ungracious.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Quite, it was cringeworthy, forced me to heckle!

Paul Williams said...

No doubt we will see Dr. Marek standing in the 2016 assembly elections (possibly as the Lib Dem candidate!)

Rob Williams said...

You ran a campaign to be proud and increased your share of the vote Marc, so well done. Would love to see that Marek footage.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Marc on increasing the Plaid vote in Wrecsam. I agree that there were some fantastic local Plaid campaigns and you should all be very proud of yourselves in North East Wales. I have lived in Cardiff for many years now (but am originally from Mold) and cannot remember an election when there have been better candidates and more passionate campaigns in the NE. Well done to all of you. I hope that you will all continue to fight and will stand again at the next nearest opportunity.

Take heart. You did yourselves proud.

Phil Davies

Anonymous said...

I think NE Wales is ripe to have done to it what Plaid did in SE Wales - fire the imagination, engage, mobilise, and give hope to a great number of people who want better representation and more Welsh political direction. If Plaid can become the 2nd party in English-speaking NE Wales, you'll change the political map of the country. You lot are making a damn good start, and I wish you luck. NE Wales has been forgotten for too long.

Dave Rodway

Anonymous said...

Plaid needs to support these local campaigns. Ty Gwynfor has to recognise that campaigns run on a shoestring are making inroads while money being lavished on other areas are not. Ask the guys in Wrecsam how they managed to increase the vote and buck the trend. Maybe there are lessons to be learnt throghout Cymru.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Thanks for the comments.
It seems Wrecsam had the largest swing to Plaid in Wales. A good achievement given the circumstances but still disappointing given the potential we have for growth.
The main pluses is that the intelligence from verification has helped identify our core areas for growth in next year's council elections. The campaign for that begins on Monday!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I reckon Marek the mad,BOUGHT a couple of thousand votes by bailing out wrexham FC.Plaid must now distance themselves from labour and from centre right,they need to get back to their socialist roots,and develop a positive identity.
The bad turnout indicates that people are tired of men in suits uttering mantras about "delivery" and "attracting investment"we need a real alternative,not a wishy washy party.
It is rumoured that Nu-labour(and make no mistake they are STILL nu-labour) will be seeking a coalition.Plaid should refuse,because if they accept it then I would predict that it will be the death knell of the party and they will go the way the of the libdems.

Draig said...

I'll second Anon's comments above - congrats on bucking the national trend Marc. I'd hazard a guess that a lot of committed community campaigning has played a big part in this swing?

On a wider note I'm glad the prospect of another coalition with Labour has been put to bed (I hope!). Labour will have an easy enough time of it for now, but I'm pretty confident that it won't last :-)

Plaid Whitegate said...

Draig - Plaid in Wrecsam is in permanent campaign mode and I think that's helped us build a profile in the area.
I don't think there's any appetite for another coalition with Labour and a period of constructive campaigning in opposition will do us the world of good. Mabon summed up Labour's problem in his speech on election day - now they've "sent a message" to London, what then? They have no policies beyond a few more PCSOs (at a time when London is axing 20% of the police budget) and maintaining free bus passes and prescriptions. They have no vision for Wales and will undoubtedly start implementing cuts rather than defending Wales, as they promised.

Draig said...

Community campaigning is definitely the way to go. I'm firmly of the opinion that the key victories are won between elections, and part of that victory is demonstrating to potential voters that "we don't just come out during elections".

I do wonder though whether Plaid needs to develop more distinctive national campaigns with a more radical edge...a few ideas certainly come to mind.