Thursday, 26 May 2011

Harvard Graduate Address by Adam Price


MH said...

"You seem to have made a real success of this independence thing. Well done and thanks ... "

... for giving us the idea.

Al Iguana said...

Plaid (and others) say it's not about leaders.. I think they're wrong. 21st century politics is very much about leaders, as it always was. Adam is a leader. The fact that he doesn't want to be one makes him even more perfect for the job. He is exactly the sort of person I want representing Wales, speaking for Wales, meeting foreign heads of state etc.

(also love the way he doesn't put on airs and graces, change his accent, pretend not to be Welsh. What you see it what you get. A true ambassador)

Anonymous said...

"Do we have the courage to carry out our own quiet revolution?"

I hope Adam has the courage now to return to Wales and take up the mantle.

This was a masterful speech - statesmanlike and witty, thoughtful and light, packed full of bold vision. Obama would be proud!

Bwlch said...

You only say it's not about leadership when you have weak heads of your party. Plaid Cymru had the best results when Dafydd Wigley was in charge and Alex Salmond has just shown what a charismatic leader can do to take a nation towards a new democratic system!!! Nothing against Ieuan Wyn Jones which is my representative but we need inspiration and vision for our Independence movement which has been lacking over the last couple of years.

gilljones7 said...

Come back home Wales needs you xx

Anonymous said...

For Plaid Cymru, a party currently looking inward at itself, and trying to work out what went wrong-the future leadership is just one of the many questions it has to answer.
For Plaid Cymru to succeed it needs to appeal to a much wider cross section of the Welsh electorate. Only when it does this, will it be able to make the major break through it desires.
It needs to appeal to Welsh and Non-Welsh speakers, to the working and the middle classes, to pro and anti independence viewpoints, to the rural voter and the urban voters, to Welsh born and those who have moved here.
Some task but a confident party with a charismatic leader can achieve this.
The question will Adam Price be this man?

Paul said...

Adam Price
should stop being Wales's
Dali Lama and come home

Richard Morse said...

Wow, great stuff! Reminds me so much of Gwyn Alf. Hope he comes back to Wales and gets involved in politics again.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Cytuno Richard - does na ddim llawer o wleidyddion efo'r math yna o ddealltwriaeth o hanes. Atgofion melys o Gwyn Alf.