Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Hustings (parts 3) @ the Creative Media Centre, Glyndwr

This election campaign has seen six meetings for the candidates in Wrecsam, at which members of the public have had a chance to challenge the candidates and ask questions. Some were general - such as the TCC hustings - while others have been more specialist. Last week's BMA hustings with local doctors was one example and we've also had a live phone-in with Jason Mohammed on BBC Radio Wales from Glyndwr University.
Today we were back at the university's excellent creative media centre (the one with the grass roof) for our final hustings in front of students and lecturers. It was different in that it was being filmed for Glyndwr TV and will soon be appearing on the internet - one day all hustings will be like this. It will then be harder for candidates to re-write their party manifestos and to pass the buck when it comes to defending unpopular decisions.
It's difficult to judge how these things have gone when you're on the platform so I'll wait for the TV evidence and post up the link. What I can say is that the set up in terms of broadcasting and journalism is very impressive and the film studio with its green screen and other facilities will be a real asset to developing a hub for the cultural industries here in Wrecsam. It's something we've lacked in the north-east and already local companies are using it rather than travelling to Manchester. The longer term effect will be to have skilled broadcasters who can develop media enterprises locally.

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