Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Labour MP admits taking Plaid signs

You know the opposition is rattled when they start sending their MPs to take down your garden posts. That's what's happening in Caerffili, where Ron Davies looks like securing a historic victory for Plaid against the invisible Labour AM Jeff Cuthbert.

It's emerged in today's Western Mail that Wayne David, the Labour MP for Caerffili, has been knocking on the doors of households with Plaid signs demanding they're taken down, claiming they're illegal.

David, who is best remembered for losing the Rhondda to Plaid in 1999, actually admitted the theft to the paper:

Mr David told the Western Mail: “There has been a disproportionately large number of Plaid stakes put up in the Rhymney Valley and we have had reports that Plaid have been putting them up in gardens without permission from residents."

Disproportionate? Is Plaid only allowed a certain number of signs up in any one street Wayne? David admits taking away the signs after having challenged residents - I wonder how he'll explain that those residents then happily took new Plaid garden posts.

Let's hope he returns the posts and signs - they cost good money! If Labour is so desperate that the local MPs is scurrying round the area like this, then I suspect Plaid will be celebrating a stunning win on Thursday. And Wayne David will be remembered as the man who lost the Rhondda, then lost it in Caerffili.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps he should stand in Neath next...

Anonymous said...

Plaid should know their place. They can stand for election but they're not to win over new voters, especially Labour ones!

As we know, Labour votes are tribal, and if your grandfather voted Labour then you have to too!