Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Labour's dirty tricks - another Woolas moment?

When Labour senses it's losing a battle, it tends to play dirty.
We've seen it in this election in Caerffili and now it appears the Labour candidate in Aberconwy is potentially facing a Woolas moment* after his leaflet.
In Eifion Wyn Williams's leaflet, according to Grangetown Jack, he makes a direct attack on Plaid's candidate Iwan Huws record as director of the National Trust. The official Labour leaflet states about the Plaid candidate that: -

FIB no. 1
"When the Plaid Cymru candidate became Director of the NT in Wales, he moved the HQ from Llandudno to Cardiff."


FIB no. 2
"As soon as he left, the Trust moved their HQ back to Llandudno."

The facts (as confirmed by the National Trust) are:

MARCH 1 2003 Iwan Huws was appointed as the new Director of the NT in Wales . He was initially recruited to work in Cardiff but the Welsh HQ has always been in Llandudno and remains so. In 2006 Iwan Huws moved back to North Wales and was based in the Llandudno office. The CARDIFF OFFICE was ALWAYS A SATELLITE OFFICE FOR THE DIRECTOR.The Cardiff office no longer exists and the future of the LLANDUDNO office is secure. So in fact the trend was from Cardiff to Llandudno and not vice versa as claimed by Labour!

It suggests that Labour is not picking up from its dismal 2007 performance in those key seats it needs to win to form a working majority. The opinion polls have all pointed to a comfortable Labour win at this election - I suspect the reality on May 6 will be very different as the ground war has proved them to be far less effective.

* Former Labour minister Phil Woolas was found guilty of making false statements in his election leaflets in 2010 and subsequently stripped of his seat.


Anonymous said...

and what about Plaid dirty tricks in Clwyd South?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

elaborate! news to us!

Anonymous said...

the labour candidate for aberconwy has done it again today,his ad in the daily post disgraces the labour party and i am surprised the daily post allowed its inclusion...shame on them...does it break any parliamentary ad rules?

Anonymous said...

Eifion Williams got a kicking which is good news.