Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Petty Labour

I hear a rumour that the motion to suspend Standing Orders to allow Aled Roberts and John Dixon to take their seats in the Assembly which was due to be voted on today will not now take place until next week because Labour won't support the motion. Why is a Labour administration without a majority deliberately alienating a potential coalition partner?

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Anonymous said...

Dyma sydd gan y BBC i'w ddweud. "Ymddiswyddodd y ddau nos Fawrth ac roedden nhw'n llwyr ddisgwyl i'r pleidiau eraill bleidleisio yn y siambr ddydd Mercher i ganiatau iddyn nhw fod yn ACau eto.

Ond wedi cyfarfod y bore 'ma mae'r grŵp Llafur yn awgrymu bod eu haelodau nhw yn ystyried y camgymeriad yn un difrifol ac y bydden nhw felly'n disgwyl i'r ddau aelod gael eu hatal o'r Cynulliad am gryn gyfnod....

Mae'r cais i ganiatáu iddyn nhw gael dychwelyd i'r Cynulliad wedi cael ei dynnu'n ôl a bu dim son am y peth yn y siambr ddydd Mercher.

Y cyfle cyntaf nesaf i gyflwyno cais yw dydd Mercher nesaf."
Os ydyn nhw wedi ei diarddel am gyfnod hir mae gan Lafur fwyafrif clir!
Mae'n anodd gen i gredu os oedd dau o griw bach y DRh yn gallu gwnud y fath angymeriad nad oes erail wedi gwneud yr un peth. Pwy sy'n mynd i gribinio drwy aelodaeth y cyrff dan sylw?

Anonymous said...

aled has reaped what he has sowed, double standards (he would be first to jump on anyone else) - rules are rules.

The way he stitched up his nomination last year he deserves it, bring back Elenor!!

his snout has been that much in the troff it makes me sick. Wages from his solicitors office in king st, salary from council and being leader of it, salaries from god knows how many quangos (like valuation tribunal) and assembly members wages (on 5.9% of the vote as well!!).

he should not have been so greedy!

Anonymous said...

The politics of envy!

Anonymous said...

"Speaking to AMs and parties yesterday, the most emollient towards the Lib Dems appeared to be Plaid Cymru. However, in a statement today, they too are now taking a harder line: "the rules that exist are in place for a reason and simply ignoring any breaches of those rules could set a damaging precedent, the impact of these breaches needs to be fully considered."

Source BBC Wales Betsan Powys Blog

Stella Matthews must be laughing her head off now. Aled had the knives out himself not so long ago!!

Anonymous said...

Irrespective of which party you support Stella Matthews is universally disliked. Not so Aled Roberts because he has integrity.