Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Trust the Trust

News that the Wrecsam Supporters' Trust is buying the football club, Racecourse and Colliers' Park is the end of a very long journey - and the start of another one.
If all goes well it's a fantastic achievement after months of uncertainty as the vultures circled our club and our historic ground.
Community ownership will mean stability after years of off-field instability. The WST has a proven track record of innovative fundraising and professional running of the club shop and away travel.
There's a mountain still to climb in terms of getting the club back into League 2 and the Racecourse renovated and back to a four-sided stadium. This is the first step up that mountain but what a wonderful first step.
Congratulations to all those involved in the campaign, especially those who never gave up. The 1,000 members of the WST who believed in a community-owned club will now be joined by those who had their doubts. Doubt no more - welcome aboard!


Anonymous said...

Anyone with a brain will realise community ownership will not work without substantial financial resource. The trust is pissing in the wind to put it politely. Civil war will break out in the trust - as it has before and if the trust does secure community ownership then expect them to go running to the taxpayer for a bail out when they're out of money. When they go bankrupt then no doubt the racecourse and colliers park will have to be sold to pay the debts.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Fortunately, there is considerable financial resource behind this bid.
In terms of taxpayers - who do you think built the Mold Rd stand?
Had the WST been in control before Dickens, Moss and Roberts hived off the land behind the Kop, then the student flats would be paying for a stand right now.