Sunday, 29 May 2011

'Week In Week Out' under threat from BBC axe

Plans by the BBC to cut key programmes such as Week In Week Out and other current affairs output threatens the BBC's ability to continue as a national broadcaster.
That's the admission from leaked internal documents, as managers try to decide which elements to cut to make a further £2 million in savings. This comes after eight years of savings, which has seen 20% of the staff cut.
Programmes such as Week In Week Out, which have regularly shone an investigative light on the murky dealings of councils, fraudsters and government, would be axed under the proposals to save a further 20%.
This is being forced on the BBC due to a six-year licence freeze imposed by the ConDem government in London. In addition, the hasty decision to force the BBC to absorb the cost of the World Service (previously paid for by the Foreign Office) and S4C is forcing the cuts agenda.
WIWO recently broadcast a programme about Wrexham FC that raised questions about the planning permission granted for the student flats and revealed the dodgy backgrounds of some of the recent bidders. If it was scrapped, how would that message get out to a wider audience than Red Passion?
As we lack investigative newspaper journalism, in-depth TV and radio are vital for Wales. Commercial TV and radio stations don't provide that, so for the BBC to abandon its public service remit in Wales is criminal.

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