Monday, 23 May 2011

Wrexham FC...the latest!

It has been quite an interesting weekend all told for Wrexham fans. On Saturday a number of fans decided to pay Mr Colin Poole (the power behind the Jon Harris bid) a visit at his sumptious Shropshire mansion Netley Hall where there was a 'public' equestrian event ongoing. The fans challenged Mr Poole as to his ability to run a football club having been disqualified from being a director and struck off from being a solicitor. This is how the Wrexham Supporters Association describes their encounter with Mr Poole's wife who wasn't quite as restrained as Mr Poole:
However, there's been absolutely no suggestion that the Dismal Jimmies did anything illegal or intimidating; they attended what appears to be a public event and there's no report that they were threatening in their behaviour. Yet they report that Wrexham fans were characterised as "peasants" by Poole's wife, who exhorted her husband to bankrupt the club in a manner which suggested this was something which had already been discussed.

It would have been a massive PR disaster for Poole in other circumsances: quite apart from the alleged bankruptcy threat, it would be easy to present this as a case of the landed classes looking down their noses at the grubby oiks who support football teams and disrupt their cosy lives.

The Red Passion website has an useful and entertaining 'review of the Poole visit' which is well worth a read.

Following on from the visit, the Red Passion website received an email late last night 'purporting' to be from Jon Harris, Poole's frontman which reads:
I have just recieved this from Mr Harris..

Can you put this on red passion. Jon Harris Sent using
BlackBerry® from Orange

-----Original Message-----From: colin poole <*****@*******.com>
Date: Sat, 21 May 2011 15:05:51
To: <***************>

Subject: press release immediate

I regret that due to the actions of a few misguided individuals who purport to be supporters of the club Mr Poole has indicated that he is not prepared to help me any further with trying to turn the fortunes of this club around.Mr Poole is a genuine football supporter and his help had been invaluable a few thugs may think this is a victory but this mindless minority have once again driven someone away from this club who had the experience and resolve to make a real difference.Without the help of people like Mr Poole this club will not survive but perhaps that is what these people really want.

Kind regards,
Colin Poole

This is purported to come from Jon Harris and Colin Poole to the publishers of the Red Passion website. It has not been confirmed or verified that the email is genuine.
Watch this space!


Guttedman said...

Poole is trying to wreck our club and using Harris as the monkey on the front desk. Well done to the Jimmies for exposing the real relationship behind this takeover. Let's hope Moss and Roberts sit up and take notice of how things go when you mess with tradition.

Anonymous said...

Email is genuine