Thursday, 23 June 2011

Another backward step!

In the seven weeks since the Assembly election the NEW Welsh Government of Carwyn Jones has not taken many steps forward; if any! This is hardly surprising with one of his ministers Edwina Hart failing to observe the 'respect agenda' by refusing to give evidence on inward investment before the House of Commons Welsh Affairs Committee, and what makes it worse is the manner in which she refused with a 'snotty' email.

One would have thought that Wales needed as much help as it can get to attract inward investment and we cannot ignore the impact that Westminster has on economic development. On the other hand it may be that Edwina didn't want to be embarrased by Welsh MP's by being unable to show that she has a handle on her brief and her lack of vision for a prosperous Wales.

When Edwina was appointed to her economic role I thought it a strange choice then to choose an ardent Trade Unionist to lead for business on behalf of Wales. Her only previous contribution to economic development in Wales, is to ensure that 100's of well paid 'jobsworths' in the Wales NHS have 10 years pay protection!

The woman is an embarrassment and her arrogance will do nothing to encourage business to re-locate to Wales.


John said...

I believe the reason she declined relates to the £100 million spent by previous Labour led administrations with minimal return.

Llais-Sais said...

Wales has a chronically poor record of economic development in recent years.
The previous minister Ieuan Wyn Jones did very little to develop the private sector in Wales.
Now, as in the past, Wales neither has the resources nor the people in power to do the job.
We would be better to accept our lot and become part of England to become economically, politically, socially and culturally more prosperous.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Llais Sais wins the award for "most blatant wind-up" comment of the week.
Personally I think we should throw in our lot with Luxembourg.