Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A bad week in Scotland!

Two interesting news stories to come out of Scotland this week, the first concerns the ill fated Edinburgh Trams Project where it has emerged that consultants working for Edinburgh City Council arms length company TIE have been paid a £1000 a day working on the project making the total an eye watering £24 million.

The second disaster to befall the Scots this week is the forced resignation of John Scott, Chief Executive of the 2014 Commonwealth Games:
GLASGOW’S Commonwealth Games chief executive has resigned after he admitted failing to declare an offer he received from a potential supplier.

John Scott quit his £180,000-a-year post yesterday after making an “error of judgment” by breaching strict rules on potential conflicts of interest set out in the Glasgow 2014 committee’s gifts and gratuities policy.

The Herald understands Strathclyde Police will today discuss the specific circumstances of Mr Scott’s departure with the 2014 organising committee.

The organisation is under growing pressure to reveal the identity of the supplier and the nature of the offer. It has refused to do so on the grounds they are “private and commercially sensitive”.

So even in Scotland things are not as quite as rosy as what we in Wales think!


Al Iguana said...

difference being, in Scotland they can completely cock something up, and the people and press are still (more or less) behind them.

In Wales, our gov has just to say "we're thinking about.." and everyone runs screaming, saying "doomed to failure! Shut down the Senedd!". Difference of attitude methinks.

Better to try and fail than not to try at all. That way lies self-respect.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Yes agreed the Press are much more tolerant than the Mule and the Post.