Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Nick's Vision

Nick Ramsay has launched his website in support of his leadership of the Welsh Conservative Party. There is not much new in there just the same regurgitated Tory policy on health although the sub section on Devolution and the Party makes quite interesting reading, a whole page on the party and this one small paragraph on devolution:
I will not seek devolution of further legislative power to the Welsh Assembly – we now have the tools to get on with the job. It’s time to stop marking out the pitch, and time to start playing the game.

There is not a word in the website in Welsh or about the Welsh language; how on earth can a contender for the leadership of the main opposition party in Wales omit any mention of Welsh Medium Education in his campaign.

Rather than seek to educate his members in devolved government and its benefits, Nick Ramsay pampers to the lunatic right wing unionist fringe of his party.

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Anonymous said...

What would you expect from the Owain Glyndwr of Monmouth!