Sunday, 26 June 2011

"This could be grandaddy of all industrial accidents" - why are we closing our eyes to nuclear?

Thought Fukishima was contained, was safe? Think again. This interview is more devastating information about the ongoing crisis : "This could be grandaddy of all industrial accidents".

Syniadau has more. But the question we must ask from a Welsh perspective is why are UK politicians opting for eight new nuclear plants - including one at Wylfa - when Germany and other nuclear countries are opting out and closing down.

Advocates of Wylfa B from an economic point of view - it provides jobs in the poorest part of the UK - are ostrich-like. If anything goes wrong at Wylfa on the scale of Fukishima, there will be no Anglesey let alone jobs on Anglesey. One catastrophe and a large chunk of our country is uninhabitable.


Anonymous said...

But my friend.....we don't get tsunamis in Wales.

Cibwr said...

And don't forget that in historical memory a tsunami killed thousands of people in South Wales and the West of England - where nuclear plants exist and more are planned...

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

...and Talsarnau in 1927!

Lyndon said...

Michio Kaku is a well known anti-nuclear hysteric, he thought the Cassini spaceprobe was going to kill us all.

The Bhopal disaster in India killed over 10,000 people, Fukushima has killed precisely no-one.

Anonymous said...

Nuclear is the only sane option grow up and get over it.

Germany may say it will close its nuclear plants - it won't - just wait you'll see.

Do you think that doing mad things like desecrating the landscape with thousands of wind turbines that have to be backed up perpetually makes any kind of sense?

Hydro is good and far from fully exploited.

glynbeddau said...

If you don't like either The difference between Wind Turbine and Nuclear is that if we were to find a new cheap and safe form of energy such as cold fusion (unlikely I admit at least for the near future), We can take all the turbines down and in a year you could imagine they never exited.

But we will be with the aftermath of Concrete encased old Nuclear Stations that still potentially pollute the World.

I know what option I wouls prefer

Hugh Jordan, Dyffryn Ceiriog said...

We have dragged our feet on the energy crisis for too long and need urgently to take stock. In the long term, nuclear fusion must be the solution, but that is many many decades in the future. In the meantime, what? Certainly not uranium/plutonium fission route, with its thousands of years of dangerous residues and its reliance on high technology containment at every stage (not to mention the bomb-making by-products).

I would like to see much more work on thorium reactors, which are intrinsically safe, but even that will take a decade or more to bring to fruition.

I know it won't be popular, but for me the short term stop-gap until then is clean-coal technology. We have plenty of fuel available and provided the greenhouse gases and other by-products can be safely sequestered, it will see us through the immediate crisis.

Anita Nurse said...

What is the position of Plaid Cymru on nuclear power station?
It seems like they are opposed to and also supporting them! This is especially true if you are a Plaid AM trying to get re-elected!
A confusing message from Plaid Cymru. They should be at the forefront of the economic benefits that can be delivered to Wales by having a strong green energy sector.