Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Tory Leadership fight gets dirty!

A researcher for a contender for the leadership of the Welsh Conservative party has been suspended following revelations of 'lurid postings' on a Myspace site allegedly belonging to Vincent Bailey a staffer for Andrew RT Bailey, Conservative Regional AM for South Wales Central.

What I found significant in this article was this little paragraph:
Yesterday Labour drew our attention to material on Mr Bailey’s Myspace site dating back to 2006.

Can we assume that Labour staffers are under orders to dig the dirt on Andrew RT Davies so as to facilitate Nick Ramsay's election as leader? I know who I would prefer as Tory leader and leader of the opposition if I was First Minister Carwyn Jones.


Anonymous said...

May we assume that Tory party researchers went to music festivals and had sex when they were young, but Labour Party researchers at the time were having difficulty getting laid ? I hope Labour doesn't dig up what stuff went on at Pesda Roc and use it against Plaid candidates. Perhaps David Taylor should get a life and start attacking the Tories for what they stand for instead of probing peoples activities in the tent department at a music festival.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I quite agree with you, the point I am making is the Labour dirty tricks to influence the Tory leadership battl. I have no view on the Tory researcher's predilictions. I'm sure there are plenty of politicians who done as if not much worse, not to mention their staff.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic and intellectually bankrupt trash with the hallmarks of a certain New Labour "attack dog" all over it. The real point about womens' rights/misogyny gets cheapened by this kind of poor, proto-Westminster nonsense.