Friday, 24 June 2011

UK Economy Returns to the 1930's: IMF Applauds.

Yes that is the verdict of ex BBC Economics Correspondent John Cassidy writing in the New Yorker

I'd never read John Cassidy before but found his article on what is a complex subject easy to follow and understand compared to economic articles in the British press.

The article confirms what we in Wales believe and that the chanchellor George Osborne's cuts to reduce the deficit are too deep and will only serve to keep the fragile Welsh economy in a depression for many many more years.

I wonder if the Welsh Tory apologists, the Druid, Dylan Jones Evans or even the infrequent blogger Paul Rogers will come to George Osborne's defence?

It must be difficult to defend the undefensible.


Llais sais said...

This clearly demonstrates what Nationalists understand and also what they don't understand.
They understand that a London-centric party is always going to relegate the regions to the bottom of their priorities- after all you Welsh are never going to vote for the Tories in any great numbers plus the Torys don't need your votes anyway. They will always protect middle England.
What the nationalists fail to understand is that they have no real power or say in what happens. You can shout a lot and say how unfair things are but you are powerless to do anything. You can't even organise an armed resistance like they did in Northern Ireland.
In short- the Welsh are in the position they are because they allowed it. They just let the English master rape the Welsh countryside and try to destroy their language. And now they just take the crumbs from the Master's table.
When all things are considered, don't blame the English, blame yourselves because you let it all happen and you don't have the confidence as a nation to shout freedom!

Anonymous said...

Llais - who exactly are you? What are your qualifications for calling on the Welsh to go to arms?
Were you at the Boston Tea Party in 1773? Were you with Bolivar in new Grenada in 1813? Did you man the barricades at the GPO in 1916? Were you on the Granma in 1956?
Are you the long lost descendant of Wolfe Tone? Or is your soul hankering to go back to 1848?
Pray, tell us! Where is your stash of arms and munitions? When will you raise your flag in the name of Arthur and Glyndwr?
Or is this in fact nothing but the voice of a bitter, angry middle aged man who talks the talk (and boy does beer help), who might occasionally lift the odd fist in the air, but when it boils down it is just a poor excuse for a revolutionary? I'm sure Che, Fidel and all the other revolutionaries would be with you typing wildly away on their keyboards responding to blog-postings if the could - you show them how it's done buddy! This is Wild Welsh Revolution in the 21st century - and I'm part of it!

Stand up and be counted.

Llais Sais said...

Anonymous - if you read my comment, (properly this time) then you will read that it is not a call to arms. In fact it is nothing of the sort. It is an acceptance of the fact that the welsh aren't capable of rising up. They are incapable as a nation of armed resistance and bizarely seem totally incapable of political opposition to Englsih rule.
The Welsh are victims of their own apathy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Llais.
But in your first response you refered to "Nationalists":

"This clearly demonstrates what Nationalists understand and also what they don't understand."

If I understand your first message correctly you were taking a swipe at the nationalist movement in Wales primarily on the accusation that the Nationalists "can't even organise an armed resistance" suggesting that this is the minimum that any self-respecting so-called nationalist movement should be doing.

This is what offends me.

But Wales has a proud tradition of non-viloent nationalism; a nationalism that is built on respect for others, not an imperialist supremacist nationalism. Nationalists in Wales have, on the whole, made a conscious decision NOT to take up arms.

This isn't to say that Welsh Nationalism hasn't got the confidence to shout "Freedom", as you say. The Welsh Nationalist Movement is striving for "Freedom", but not at the end of a gun.

The final part of your original posting I broadly agree with - yes, it is us "Welsh" that have meakly stood by and let it happen - that is why the Welsh Nationalist Movement is trying to change things.

Now where do you stand on the Unionist/Independence debate?