Tuesday, 21 June 2011

What is Wales for?

The NEA want to re-forest large parts of Wales to provide a playground for nearby large cities.
Boris wants Wales to provide more water for the south-east of England
The sub-regional strategy for N E Wales wants to build thousands of additional homes, much to the delight of housing developers.
London Government and large energy companies want to cover more of our hills in windfarms.

All these strategies and ideas are initiated in England and will benefit England.

The needs of Welsh communities are, at best, ignored. At worst, they are being trampled upon and - in the case of Bodelwyddan - destroyed.

So what is Wales for? A playground, a commuter estate and an exporter of energy and water?

Or do we take control of our own destiny and decide enough is enough - we will decide on all these issues in the best interest of our communities rather than rapacious developers and remote civil servants who don't give a monkeys about Wales.


Ambiorix said...

We only have ourselves to blame for putting up with this nonsense!

Anonymous said...

I'm not happy with it but what can I do? Plaid doesn't seem to be making much noises either. Maybe that will change but I won't hold my breath.

Jac o' the North said...

You are absolutely and regretably correct, Ambiorix.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Plaid Wrecsam....it wasn't aimed at you. I've seen how you've tried to help A Phillipps and Mr Wong....and other matters. But I don't hear much from Plaid centrally....that's what I meant.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Lack of ambition and boldness is the current curse of Welsh politics. Plaid has to meet that challenge and if it means upsetting a few more people to win over a lot more people, then so be it.

Anonymous said...

what a coincidence!

just read an article on this question 'what's the point of Wales?' in a new book by Sion Jobbins, 'How many aircraft carriers would an independent Wales have?'

APK said...

Just sell England the water and pump the money back into the economy.
Most of the suitable areas in the centre of the country are practically empty anyway.

South East England could really just draw its water from the North West and Pennines though, but that'd be further away and thus more expensive.

England should just be treated as foreign with regards to giving them resources - make them pay for it.