Friday, 29 July 2011

The BBC just doesn't understand devolution

Guest post by Plaid Dyffryn Ceiriog

No, not BBC Wales, BBC Cymru, BBC Scotland and the rest. I mean the centralist, metropolitan Beeb up there in London. They really do not have a clue.

Consider a few of their flagship programmes: Today and PM on Radio 4 and Question Time on BBC1.

Well certainly the radio programmes now tell us that the health, education and so forth matters that they are discussing at great length apply only in England, but when do they tell us about what's happening in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland? How much of their time (I'll tell you - it's a lot) is spent on matters which are purely English? The name of the corporation starts with a "B" and not with an "E".

As for Question Time, let me remind you of two recent broadcasts. When they went to Aberdeen, they had a panel of five Scots representing all shades of political opinion plus a businessman. The matters discussed were of world, British or Scottish interest only. But when the programme came to Wrexham, they had one Plaid MP and four imported English politicos / business people.
What did they discuss? Two items of British interest and two on devolved matters which were answered by English spokespeople for an English audience. What a waste of time that was.

Someone really needs to take the programme planners aside and give them a tutorial.


EyeOnWales said...

A response on a similar theme

Rhys said...

QT's attitude to Wales is a long-standing one. Whenever Dimblebey turns up in Derry or Falkirk he is flanked by cohorts of politicians and commentators from the host nation, and devolved matters are given the prominence they deserve. Whenever he deigns to cross Offa's Dyke, however, Welsh matters usually seem to go ignored; presumably they are considered to be disinteresting and of little consequence, while good ol' Elfyn provides the only Welsh accent to be heard on the panel. This in my view reflects particularly badly on the BBC given the minimal exposure to goings-on in Welsh politics from the rest of the media. Do they not have an obligation to fulfil?