Sunday, 10 July 2011

Developers should be made to pay for unfinished estates

Plaid Cymru councillors in Wrecsam are demanding that developers complete infrastructure works on housing developments across the County Borough rather than letting householders carry the can. The councillors have obtained a list that reveals that there are 37 housing developments in the county borough that the council have not adopted because developers have not completed the infrastructure i.e. roads, pavements and drains. Some of this outstanding works goes back 12 years.

Residents in Chestnut Court, Summerhill, have been fighting for years to get Castlemead Homes Ltd to bring the drains on the estate up to a level acceptable to the Environment Agency who sign the work off for the Council to adopt the road.

Gwersyllt West Councillor Arfon Jones, who has been helping the residents of Chestnut Court, said:
“These house were built about 15 years ago and it is outrageous that Castlemead have not completed the work to a sufficient standard for the council to adopt the road. The company should have paid in a bond which would have been forfeited if they didn’t finish the work, but it doesn’t seem there was a bond in place so the council are struggling to enforce any liability.”

Councillor Jones went on to say:
“Thirty seven uncompleted developments is a lot and I would like to see the council bring enforcement action against those developers who fail to comply with the law. It isn’t fair to expect the taxpayer to foot the bill whilst these companies walk away with big profits - they should be made to pay.”

Fellow Plaid Cymru councillor Marc Jones (Whitegate) added:
"Four of the developments that are still unadopted are in the Whitegate ward and residents in the past have had difficulty in getting street lights fixed on some parts of the Abenbury Park estate. I would urge the developers involved, who are all large housing firms, to pull their fingers out and finish off work on the estates to the agreed standard.

"Some of the more recent developments may well be being sorted but there's no excuse for developments from a decade ago being unfinished. It's also of particular concern to see the same developers crop up time after time and that the Brymbo ward has a grand total of seven unfinished projects. Big developers have profited from the housing boom of the past decade - why should they be allowed to walk away without completing the infrastructure on these estates?"

Full list of outstanding works:

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Anonymous said...

Interesting to note how many of these are in Brymbo, especially on the ex-Steelworks site. Perhaps our councillor-not-going-to-be-an-AM-after-all Mr Rogers would like to comment? After he's received his script from his chums at Brymbo Developments, that is.