Friday, 8 July 2011

The Metropolitan Police and the NOTW.

I don't know about you but I feel deeply worried that the Metropolitan Police are being allowed to carry on with the investigation into the hacking of mobile phones given their seemingly tainted relationship with the News of the World.

The first question that strikes me is when was the Met Police aware of the 'notebook' of Glenn Mulcaire and the thousands of names in it? Were they aware of it at the time of Mulcaire's arrest or was it after? If the Met were aware of the notebook early on why did they not notice the names of the victims of crime in the book? There are clearly two possible answers to this, the first, it was to suppress evidence of wrongdoing against the NoTW or secondly, someone realised the resource implications and decided to 'cuff' the job. Whatever the reason the decision MUST have been taken at a pretty senior level, probably Deputy Assistant Commissioner.

It seems to me that the reason was probably to suppress evidence as the Met would know that any investigation would lead to evidence of corruption because we know that Rebekah Brooks when she was editor admitted to authorising payments to the Police. This leads to another question, what was the information that Brooks admitted paying for? Was it the mobile phone numbers of Milly Dowler and Danielle Jones? Another question that needs answering is what was the seniority of those officers who received payment for information? The more senior those officers the more murky this becomes. Perhaps we should also ask whether the Met Police launched a corruption enquiry following Ms Brooks admitted paying Police Officers for information.

Overall I believe there is ample circumstantial evidence to suggest that the Metropolitan Police should not continue to investigate this hacking scandal because they have previously showed that they are too close to the NoTW to be able to conduct any investigation impartially.

This investigation should be conducted by a team of officers from provincial Police Forces under the supervision of the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

So many questions, so few answers!

The terms of reference of David Cameron's Public Enquiry MUST extend to the behaviour of the Metroploitan Police in this sorry saga.


Jac o' the North said...

A related issue is that of self-regulation.

We know it failed with MPs. It didn't work with banks and investment houses. The PCC is a toothless pussy cat. Yet we still pretend to trust doctors, lawyers and others to investigate and regulate themselves. Worse, the Met is being allowed to continue with this investigation even though they are dangerously implicated.

Let's hope that one outcome of this amazing saga is that self-policing and self-regulation are finally done away with as the nonsense they always were.

Glydel said...