Wednesday, 6 July 2011

News of the World advertisers.

The Guardian have published details of the top 50 advertisers in the NOTW between January and May 2011. The total cost of the 50 top advertising was a whopping £24.5 million with the top 5 advertisers spending £1 million plus each. They were BSkyB (why shouldn't that surprise us), then Everything Everywhere, P&G, O2, Hutchinson 3G and then Tesco.

We as consumers can influence these advertisers to pull out and Sunny Hundal Liberal Conspiracy provides advice and contact details of the main target advertisers.

Please follow the advice and let's inundate companies like Proctor and Gamble with emails and if they don't co-operate let's boycott their products and of course don't buy the News of the World this Sunday or any other Sunday.

UPDATE - For latest go to Political Scrapbook for live blog on advertisers

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