Sunday, 31 July 2011

Standing up for Wales!

Is this what the Welsh Labour Government means when it says it's standing up for Wales?

Yes, this was the Labour stand at the Eisteddfod field at 2pm today, a prime time to get your message out to the people of Wales, that is if you have one.

Now I wonder why they closed? an absence of Welsh speakers perhaps but that's never bothered them before. Or was it just the fact that no one was visiting them.

Whatever the reason the perception is that Welsh Labour is closed for business.


Anonymous said...

2 pm on a Sunday is hardly "prime time"! Don't be so petty.

Anonymous said...

David Taylor looked a little bit lonely in the Labour tent today. Even Hain has abandoned Billy No Mates.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

It's not petty, there were 17,000 people on the Maes yesterday. Labour are just bone idle and take their support for granted. As in Scotkand you will get your comeuppance!

Barbara Seville said...

I visited the Labour Stand when I was there on the first weekend and found it closed. Every stand around it was open.

Can Labour not be bothered or do they take the people of Wales for granted?

Perhaps Ian Lucas was on holiday? Surely he wouldn't be bothered that Europe's largest Cultural festival was happening in his constituency?

Whatever the reason for Ian and his oh so active fellow Labour party members being "busy" on this day, it is such a shame that the governing party of Wales coundn't be in Wrexham on a Sunday.

This is the party that is running Wales! Shame on them!