Friday, 22 July 2011

Welsh Medium Education...Segregation!

Councillor Ted George a senior Labour Councillor on Wrecsam County Borough Council believes that opening a new Welsh School in Gwersyllt is in fact segregation, this is what he said in response to a request for a quote by the Leader,
Cllr George said he was not in favour of the school going ahead, owing primarily to his belief there would be segregating of Welsh-speaking and English-speaking pupils which he does not believe occurs at present in Gwersyllt

I suppose Cllr George conveniently forgets that there are 154 pupils from Gwersyllt who currently go to Plas Coch not to mention dozens of others who go to other primary schools including faith schools outside the Gwersyllt community. It's what's called parental choice. Ted George is not the only Labour Councillor who is vehemently against Welsh Medium Education, another one described WME as 'linguistic apartheid,' and believe it or not, his children were educated in WME.

The use of highly emotive words as used by these Councillors do nothing to create cohesive communities but rather they deliberately create divisions and bad feeling.


Jac o' the North said...

In a fast-changing world it's almost reassuring to have a constant like the Labour Party.

Anonymous said...

I almost feel sorry for decent people in the Labour party, and there are a few, who have to put up with dinosaurs like this. All these silly arguments were answered forty years ago, but I don't suppose Ted George has heard yet.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Cllr George has often said in meetings that Ysgol Plas Coch was set up to meet the demand for Welsh-medium education in Gwersyllt. Presumably he wasn't opposed to that "segregation" so I'm baffled as to why he would be opposed to Welsh-medium education being in the village itself.

Anonymous said...

Please lets not get personal once more on this issue. Cllr George is entitled to his views. We live in a democracy, or so I thought. But people on this blog just seem to get personal straight away. Stick to your views on the matter and keep personality out of the issues. Cllr George has represented Gwersyllt for many years in an honourable trustworthy fashion. Can that be said for most politicians? I doubt it. He never stoops to personal comment. That's a fact.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

"He never stoops to personal comment"

...and the comment in the Western Mail slating Aled Roberts AM was not personal!

Give us a break!

And yes we do live in a democracy otherwise I wouldn't publish your comments would I?

A lot of bloggers don't publish anonymous comments. We publish everything which is not offensive or defamatory.

Tommy aka James Hughes said...

This is the Wrecsam BNP take on the Eisteddfod and all things Welsh:

"I can't think of anything more horrific than this Bardic Bash.Full of silly old gits reciting poetry in one of the planets ugliest languages(welsh) and kids being hoodwinked into dressing up like goons and being press ganged into singing and dancing.It's a specatacle that has always made me be embarrassed to be a welsh bloke.If the world thinks this is our cultural heritage then they may well give us a miss."

Anonymous said...

I think he might have a point! No, only joking!
But he is welsh and he doesnt like it! Doesnt that say something?

Amanda Hugankis said...

Wasn't Councilor Ted George at the meeting about the new Welsh school held at Gwersyllt Resource Centre recently?

He was very quiet at that meeting so why would he start talking now?

If it is some type of linguistic segregation why not say it in the meeting?

The cynic may say he has been subject to discussions with interested parties such as the head of a local school or one or two of the governors? So why was he very quiet in the meeting about the new school& and it's linguistic segregation????!!!!

Anonymous said...

Labour Party dinosaur politicians in Wales have long gone on about 'linguistic apartheid'. It is high time this claim was challenged.

Apartheid was a racist policy used in South Africa by white supremacists, and it was based upon ethnicity, or skin colour. You were classified as white, black or coloured. That was it - there was nothing you could do to change things.
You could not learn to become white, or pass an exam to become white.

So what about 'linguistic apartheid'?
1. No one is born speaking a language.
2. Every language has to be learnt, one way or other. You just cannot aquire a language.
3. Learning a language is a skill.
4. I am bilingual - I speak both Welsh and English. According to these Labour dinosaurs, does that mean that I am therefore both black and white at the same time ?
As you can see, this concept of 'linguistic apartheid' is utter and complete nonsense.The dinosaurs need to be robustly challenged on this issue.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Ted George was at the meeting as was Cllr David Griffiths and Michael Williams both of whom also oppose the Welsh School. All are governors of and/either Heulfan, CP, Bryn Alyn. All the arguments presented were ones made by those Cllr in previous meeting (recall the French comparison in London), they got local residents to ask questions but said nothing themselves.

Anonymous said...

Yes the same argument is used by Labour dinasours here in the Amman Valley an area where 75.9% speak Welsh makes up some 5% of the whole Welsh speaking population of Wales, yet we can't possibly expand Welsh medium education here I mean it's apartheid.

I blogged on something similar recently