Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wynnstay Hotel closed with immediate effect

Breaking news... the Wynnstay Hotel and Fantastic Funhouse have been closed with immediate effect. Staff have been sent a letter from KPMG in London to say the owners are "currently experiencing financial difficulty and as such cannot continue to facilitate trading the hotel/funhouse viably".

There will be a meeting for hotel staff at 3pm today at the Nag's Head.

Whatever the reasons, it's a big blow with a landmark building in the town centre closing without notice and putting so many people out of work with immediate effect.

It also looks like the Wrexham Supporters' Trust made a very good call in not opting to work with Stephanie Booth.


Anonymous said...

This was always going to happen sooner or later.

You can only go round for so long telling everyone your a multi Millionaire when in reality you haven't really got to 2 old pennies to rub together.

Anonymous said...

How many staff, suppliers and customers has Stephanie shafted? Quite a few. All those arseholes who thought she was God a few months ago should be forced to eat their own shit.

Anonymous said...

The Wynnstay staff together with all the hundreds others who are owed money by this pair of shysters should forget the meeting at the Nags Head.

Now the TV facade has hit the deck, To make sure everyone get the facts about what this duo ( Stephanie and David ) are really like. Instead of the Nags Head they all should set up camp at and hold their meeting inside or outside one Booths other hotels.

After the meeting they should get picket lines going outside all hotel properties or home in Corwen that the Booths rent from verious banks.

Those owed money might stand some chance of getting some of it back.

Anonymous said...

It's been coming for a long time, that's why she didn't buy the football club.