Thursday, 4 August 2011

Aled signs housing petition

Aled Roberts regional AM for north Wales signing the petition to recall all Local Development Plans across Wales and bring housing figures back in line with genuine local needs.

To sign the petition on the Welsh Governments Petition Committee website, please click HERE:


Anonymous said...

better late than never

Jac o' the North said...

What does the Good Book say about sinners repenting?

Anonymous said...

Clearly Aled has had a bang on the head. Having supported the local development plan and its contents at executive board and council this must be a big u-turn.

The reality is less homes will mean increased house prices which will price out local people.

Wrexham council will be unable to meet affordable housing targets because there will be less larger developments.

Plaid clearly want to leave the 2500 people on Wrexham Council's housing waiting lists right where they are.

Voice of North Wales said...

Aled's pulled a great stunt here. He has given a speech which panders to a certain audience to make sure the Eisteddfod runs smoothly. Then signed the petition (which he knows will have little effect) but also make sure that the Peoples Council of North Wales and Plaid's voice is weakened.

Plaid Whitegate said...

@Anon 8:27
Can you remind me how many affordable houses (i.e. within reach of those 2500 on the council waiting list) were built as a result of the 700+ houses built in Brymbo - to use just one example?
The lack of affordable housing has not been tackled by the housing boom of the past decade. In fact it has been made worse.

Watch out Kirsty! said...

Is Ponciau on the road to Damascus or is it just a cynical stunt (careful) by a politician looking to reinvent himself for a challenge for the Lib Dem leadership?

Plaid Queensway said...

'The reality is less homes will mean increased house prices which will price out local people.'

What research are you basing this on exactly anon? During some of the highest levels of house building in Wrecsam, house prices locally actually rose by 60% (I believe that was between 2001 and 2004). Building over 10,000 houses in Wrecsam over the last decade has done nothing but ensure local people have been priced out!

I think you must be one of very few people who thinks building thousands of unaffordable houses actually helps local people get on the housing ladder. Studies done over the last 60 years across Europe actually suggest this boom and bust approach to development maginalises local communities who are at a financial disadvantage, exactly what we've seen happen in Wrecsam.

Yes we need houses but they need to be affordable for the local population or we don't need them at all, a few scraps such as 25%/30% from big developers simply won't address the problem any time soon. We need a much more radical solution.

I'm as surprised as anyone by Aleds turn around on this and will be waiting to see what he intends to do practically at the Senedd to help address the situation. If he wants to help our AM's, the Deffro'r Ddraig campaign and other campaign groups that are springing up across the country because of the LDPs, fine by me!

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