Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Aled speaks with forked tongue

Aled Roberts, the new Liberal Democrat for the North, has been a consistent advocate of closer cross-border links between this part of Wales and Cheshire. He chaired the Mersey-Dee Alliance for a time and spoke in favour of the West Cheshire plan last year.
Imagine our surprise when this hardline British unionist approach was ditched at today's Eisteddfod in favour of an approach not a million miles from ours. Rhyfedd o fyd.


Plaid Queensway said...

Hmmm, I remember a lot of people being accused by Aled Roberts of holding 'an extremist view' and of wanting to build a brick wall along the border when they raised concerns about the West Cheshire Plan not so long ago! What a turn round eh.

I love this line 'politicans have not accepted sufficient responsibility'(as regards the housing situation). You don't say Aled.

If we wait another 2 years maybe he'll catch up with the welsh identity issue as well.

I wonder if he'll sign the new petition to recall LDPs to bring housing numbers in line with local needs? Will be asking him at some point this week.

Anonymous said...

Reply here:
he's certainly going to see if there are any responses there.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

This is the comment I posted on the IWA website:

This must be the biggest u-turn of all times. I can’t believe that the ex Chair of the Mersey Dee Alliance who promoted the North East Wales/West Cheshire Sub Regional Plan has actually delivered this lecture. The contents are actually a critique of his own performance as chair of the discredited MDA.

He was also very critical of Plaid Cymru when we raised this matter at Env and Regen Scrutiny Committee in 2008. I think the words he used was racist and fascist.

I take what he says as a compliment and vindication of Plaid Cymru in Wrecsam’s campaign to bin this strategy.

Will he now join with Plaid Cymru and sign the petition calling on all Local Development Plans to be binned because the housing projection figures are flawed.

nialloyd said...

Don't forget the part People's Council North Wales took in this with the Deffro'r Ddraig campaign. We found the secret plan and highlighted the West Cheshire NE Wales sub regional strategy in March 2009. Worked our butts off, voluntarily, funding most of it from our own pockets, with events all over Wales gathering the biggest ever petition to the Welsh Assembly Government. We were blasted for being extremists amongst other things. Only of late have others come on board to our way of thinking, and not before time. Welcome on board Aled and hope you also work your butt off for the people of Cymru and salvage what is left of it before it is too late.