Monday, 8 August 2011

+ + + BREAKING NEWS: St David's Day parade ban lifted + + +

The ban on Adam Phillips, organiser and originator of the St David's Day parade in Wrecsam, has been lifted.

This letter from Philip Walton of Wrecsam Council - copied to several councillors* and AMs - confirms the withdrawal of the ban, which would have severely undermined next year's parade:

Dear Mr Phillips

Re: Wrexham St David’s Day Parade

Thank you for meeting with Lee Robinson on Monday, 1 August, 2011.

In your discussions with Lee you clearly showed that you are well aware of our Policy relating to the use of Council premises and understand that they are not to be used for political purposes. Lee has also advised me that from the discussion he believes that you did not feel your words or actions were political but understood that they had been misconstrued.

In light of this helpful discussion and our confidence that our guidelines are completely understood I am happy to lift the ban which had previously been imposed.

I welcome your commitment to the St. David's Day Parade and the benefits it has for the town of Wrexham.

Yours sincerely

Philip Walton
Strategic and Performance Director

* The original complaint was made to Cllr Phil Wynn.


Anonymous said...

Absolute disgrace that the ban has been lifted. Another example of a spineless council with no direction.

EG said...

I was looking for the word "sorry", must have missed it.

Adam phillips said...

I would like to thank everyone that has supported me in my campaign to lift the ban and all those who contacted the council on my behalf in relation to this matter.
I wish to say that without the help and determination of a steadfast and committed Plaid team in Wrecsam that we might not have got this result!

common sense at last for something that should never have got this far!

Diolch i ch i gyd - thank you to you all

Adam Phillips

Sara Williams said...

shouldnt have been banned in the first place but glad they have seen sense for once

Russell Gwilym Morris said...

Its good the ban has been lifted however i fail to see how the council could ban someone from speaking from an event the person created . Least the matter been addressed now . As for people posting Anonymous "grow a set" and stick your name to posts

Plaid Queensway said...

Yep, also looking for the word sorry as well, no sign of it.

Also what policy in relation to the use of council premises!? "Council premises are not to be used for political purposes", since when was that rule implemented, sort of knackers up most council meetings that one! So no group meetings, no coalition meetings, no speaking to the press? They can't be talking about an events policy as I asked for a copy of that, to which the reply was 'we don't have one'.

Adam did not recognise the ban in any case, get down off your high horse and apologise for making a complete balls up of the whole thing.

Chris said...

Common sense prevails at last!

I was at the St David's Day parade and was proud that we had such an event in Wrexham.

One of the highlights that day for me were the Cambria Band.

Last week I was looking through an old copy of Cambria Magazine from 2006 which featured a fledgling Cambria band and a younger looking Adam. Just starting and unable to afford uniforms but with a passion and a dream.

It is good to see that Adam has managed to make this dream a reality!

I look forward to seeing Adam leading the St David's Day parade in Wrexham next March.