Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Menai Deli and the WRVS

One must feel for the owner and employees of Menai Deli who have been supplying the hospital shop and cafe at Ysbyty Gwynedd for many years, and who have now lost the WRVS contract to supply sandwiches to national supplier Ginster's who are based in Cornwall. The WRVS decision has resulted in the loss of 6 jobs in the local area.
This decision raises a number of questions as to how the WRVS tender for services; do they not have a condition in the contract relating to the carbon footprint of their suppliers? It would seem not!

This brings us on to the question of how the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board came to award the contract to the WRVS in the first place and whether now is the time to review their tendering process and perhaps award the contract to a local third sector organisation who will comply with local supplier/environmental conditions.

Local politicians should bring pressure to bear on the undemocratic BCU Health Board and the WRVS to address their procurement processes in favour of local suppliers. It is after all not a large contract subject of European tendering rules.


nialloyd said...

Absolutely disgusted with WRVS stance on this for many reasons, and Betsi Cadwaladr for avoiding the issue.

Jac o' the North said...

This seems to be another example of a problem I've commented on a number of times recently.

On the one hand we have political devolution and the veneer of self-government yet, beneath the surface, cross-border organisations are tightening their grip on Wales and integrating Wales ever more firmly into an English framework. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable in the Third Sector.

The only way to combat this counter-devolution strategy is to insist that organisations operating in Wales do so in future with a separate Welsh framework; employing Welsh staff (rather than English tranferees); and with a Welsh HQ (Chester and Shrewsbury will not count as 'Wales').

If they refuse to comply then Welsh bodies should be set up to do the same work. The Welsh Government and other Welsh bodies would find it very difficult to favour obviously English organisations over their Welsh rivals.

But however it's done, the answer is to make sure as many people as possible become aware of this insidious, creeping colonialism.

Ceris Gruffudd said...

Awgrymwyd mai Bangor oedd yr olaf i newid _ beth yw y sefyllfa yn Ysbytai Wrecsam?
It was suggested that Bangor was the last to change over - what is the situation in Wrexham hospitals?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Dwi meddwl mae Bangor oedd yr ola. Ddim yn meddwl mae WRVS sydd yn cynnig y gwasanaeth yn Wrecsam ond Maelor.... rywbeth.