Thursday, 11 August 2011

Money to Trade Unions.

I must admit that it did come as somewhat of a shock that the Welsh Government have contributed £2.4 million of taxpayers money to Trade Unions in Wales, even though the reasons for doing so are quite admirable:
They have come under two main initiatives, the Wales Development Fund for Unions, which is aimed at developing policy-making processes, and the Wales Union Learning Fund, which develops learning.

The article goes on to link the fact that the Trade Unions who have benefitted from the governmen'r benevolence are in fact those same Trade Unions who have made generous contributions to various Welsh Labour Party campaigns.

I wonder how much Trade Unions like the PCS the FBU and the RMT who don't contribute to the Welsh Labour Party got from these funds? Did they get anything?... I think not!

If the Trade Unions who don't contribute to the Welsh Labour Party didn't get a share of the £2.4 million then that surely is a misuse of public funds and should be investigated by the Wales Audit Office.


John Broughton said...

The only admirable contribution to a trades union is that which comes from its members free of duress.

That WAG (WG not a legal description) saw fit to contribute £2.4M to a limited number of unions is a disgrace.

So far as I know many organisations in Wales (and the rest of the UK) continue to fund (both fully and partially) numerous employees who work exclusively on union business rather than that of their employers. Local authorities are one such group of employers. That too is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

well said, this is to easily dismissed by Vaughan Gethin and his ilk.

Sadly given Plaid Cymru's lefty union supporting crew down south they would be unlikely to ask difficult questions about this either.

Look at it this way if the Tories were channeling public money into Welsh business organizations that were making hefty donation to the Party Labour and Plaid Cymru would be up in arms over it, if its legit and above board then Labour shouldn't object to the Wales Audit Office looking into how public money is being spent.

As for the Welsh Government if it wants to help with basic skills etc which is a laudable aim, there are plenty of good training providers around who would welcome the money and probably deliver better training and value for money.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Trade Unions within Local authorities have had their rights curtailed. There was a recent agreement between TU's and employers in Wrecsam CBC regarding time for TU work.

Rights to time for TU work is enshrined in law as is most other rights.

The argument here is whether some unions are entitled to public monies and others are not.

...and it is the Welsh Government and not WAG, have you forgotton already John that we have law making powers!!

glynbeddau said...

Shouldn't the political levy be used in "developing policy-making processes, and the Wales Union Learning Fund, which develops learning".

I'm a great supporter of Trade Unions but they should be using their members contributions to train Shop Stewards in Workers rights and how to argue and develop their case not backing a party that has betrayed Union Members for decades.

This seems a case of you give us money through the Political levy and we give it back via the Tax payer.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

My sentiments exactly Glyn

John Broughton said...

@ Plaid Gwersyllt

I have it on legal advice that Welsh Government is an affectation of C Jones not yet being legal in terms say of signing documents.

Trade Unions should only be funded by their members free from duress. Any other taxpayer funding must be available equally to all.

Robert said...

The political fund can only be used for political reasons to promote a party which ever one the Union wished to back, to promote an MP, AM or councilor, it cannot be used for training or education.

hence labour tried to get all the political levy paid to the party, sadly or not my Union decided to use the levy to back all MP's AM's who backed the Unions ideology.

I left school being hardly able to read and write, at aged ten my mother had an accident she was knocked down, became bed bound leaving me as her carer.

When I started work I took adavanatge of the education fund of my Union to go to night school,as did another labour party members from my local area Nye Bevan.