Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Public Spending per head.

The recent release of the the Public Expenditure Statistical Analysis has caused a furore amongst Tory MP's (and Daily Mail readers) that public spending per head between Scotland and England has widened:
England £8588
Wales £9829
Scotland £10,212
The North of Ireland £10,706

Public expenditure has widened over the last 12 months between England and Scotland from £1409 to £1624 a 15% increase in the gap.

Two English Tory MP's are up in arms about this gap in expenditure per head; David Mowat MP said,
‘It is right that the Scottish government can set its own priorities and if it wants to prioritise free prescriptions, for example, that is fine. But it is not right that they end up with an extra £1,600 per person to pay for it.

‘This is quite wrong and will rightly cause indignation in England. Many MPs are having to defend deeply unpopular cuts. We do so on the basis that there is no alternative and that the deficit must be brought down.

'This argument looks a bit limp when the Coalition is able to fritter away billions of pounds to appease vested interests north of the border. We should have a funding formula that is based on need.’
Gordon Henderson MP said,
‘It is simply wrong that English taxpayers are being asked to help subsidise for people living in Scotland a range of services not available in England, including free prescriptions, free hospital parking, free accommodation in care homes and free university tuition fees.

‘Something has to be done before the justifiable resentment felt by many people about the unfair subsidy English taxpayers are expected to contribute towards superior services north of the border, manifests itself in an anti-Scots backlash.’

Don't you just love it. Plaid Cymru have been arguing this same point for decades, other parties in Wales now agree that a needs based formula is required particularly after Holtham but the Con Dem government in the form of Danny Alexander refuses to address the anomalies except to give us a Calman like commission to report some time in the hazy future.

Perhaps now that English Tory MP's are offended this will move the agenda on towards a fairer needs based funding formula.

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Carrie Oakey said...

If the Tories and the Labour Party want the Union as they claim they do - then let them fund it fairly!
Let them fund the various parts of the "union" according to its needs.

The prosperous area of the country will have fewer demands on benefits and fewer demands on the NHS and less demand on Social Services.

But the more deprived areas will need extra funding in order to enable it to improve its level of education and level of health.

Wales is one the most (if not the most) deprived areas of the UK. We need greater funding in order to care for our old people, and to educate our children.

In Wales we can't just lend money like Westminster can to implement politically advantageous policies. We live to a fixed, handed out budget! We are underfunded and as a country we continue to suffer.

Our children are falling behind the rest of the UK in the PISA results. Our young people cannot afford to buy a house in their own village or town because some English w**ker wants to buy a second home. We see our language die because English immigrants move in and refuse to learn the language. We are seeing our culture and society change but have no powers to do anything! Imagine the Daily Fail headlines if the same things were happening to the same extent in England?!

We are seeing our proud country gradually becoming "West England!" Enough is enough! The fight back has started and will continue. Wales as a nation will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of English oppression! It is nothing to do with where you were born or what language you speak. This is not an anti-English or an anti-English language rant. It is a rant to say let’s fight to create a nation that embodies the best of what we were built on. An educated nation, a cultured nation, and a progressive nation!

As Dafydd Iwan sings so well, “Yma O Hyd!” – “We’re still here!” True words for today and tomorrow!