Thursday, 18 August 2011

Scottish Studies.

More good news from Scotland! Dr Alasdair Allan, the SNP Minister for Learning and Skills has announced a new Scottish studies course to be taught to ALL school pupils.The course will encompass, Scottish history, literature, language and culture.
A survey showed that 90% of respondents supported this initiative.
In support of the initiative, Dr Allan said,
You would anticipate that there would be a wide variety of material about Scotland made available in Scottish schools, but it has to be said that, although things have been getting much better, many people’s experience is of learning not much about Scotland...

Although Scotland prides itself on its education system, there is an acknowledgment that where it has failed is in giving people basic information about their own country...

It is not normal or reasonable to have a situation where it depends on the enthusiasm of teachers whether pupils learn anything at all about Scottish literature or history – there is something abnormal about the situation that we have to normalise...

If it is valuable for a new generation of Scots to know something about their country, then it is something that has to feed through the entire journey through school.

Dr Allan denied that the initiative was to promote nationalism, stating
That view is becoming so silly. There is no evidence that parents view learning about Scottish history as indoctrination.

The content of Scottish history is not particularly political, and it will be taught in an impartial way. The idea that presenting facts about Scotland is indoctrination is not taken particularly seriously today.

What is significant here is the widespread support for this common sense approach to the curriculum, even the comments to the story on the Herald website are all positive unlike our Western Mail apologists should we in Wales initiate such a positive change. Let's hope that one of our AM's will ask Leighton Andrews the question, "...and why not Wales"?


John Broughton said...

As Leighton Andrews has demonstrated ad infinitum he isn't very good at answering many questions - visits to Glyndwr Uni come to mind.

Welsh history might just be a step too far.

Amanda Lay said...

Surely, such a course for Wales would be welcomed by all but a small minority of small minded individuals.
A course that would look at the history, culture and language of Wales in a positive and constructive way would build up our national identity and sense of pride in who we are no matter what languages we speak or where we were born.