Thursday, 22 September 2011

BBC World News.

Whilst I was away on holidays in Kos recently, BBC World News was the only option available and it was on BBC World News that I heard the tragic news about the death of the four miners in the Swansea Valley. At that point I was quite impressed with the service with extensive coverage of the Chief Constable of South Wales and the Chief Fire Officer addressing the media and stood next to them was Carwyn and Peter Hain. The report then quickly moved to an interview with David Cameron and Ed Miliband about the tragedy but no comment from Wales's First Minister.

This sums up to me all that is wrong with the BBC's coverage, the BBC should have transmitted Carwyn Jones's response to the tragedy as the First Minister of Wales. This is a perfect example of devolution not even registering with the BBC, so much for impartiality and accuracy in reporting.


Anonymous said...

.. no, it's an example of Carwyn Jones and Welsh Labour going to their default position of deferring to London.

To be fair, Hain, is also the local MP. But, had a similar tragedy happened in England/Scotland then you could bet that the quote used would have been than by Cameron or Salmond.

Worst thing, (politically that is) is that Carwyn doesn't mind. He has no respect for the office of Prime Minister of Wales. That's how low Labour think of the Assembly.

As I said, the default position is that London takes the lead.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I tend to disagree with you on this, did Carwyn and Peter Hain not speak on the tragedy on BBC News UK and BBC Wales Today? It seems that when reporting on anything to Europe and the World then the accent must be on the UK rather than the devolved nations. Frankly I thought Cameron and Miliband should have deferred to the Welsh leaders of their parties but of course they won't because they are so egotistical and self children really!

ap Neb said...

I just accept that London BBC is "BBC England", just as Radio 4 is Radio England. I look forward to the time when they won't have to think about the Celtic perspective...when Wales and Scotland are independent. Under those circumstances, surely the Welsh Prime Minister would have been interviewed first, followed by words of sympathy and offers of practical assistance by the English Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Carwyn jones is only interested in furthering english labour in Wales's policy of anglisizing Wales.