Tuesday, 20 September 2011

An invitation to the Saith Seren - Seven Stars back in business

The old Seven Stars pub in Chester St, Wrecsam, has now been secured on behalf of Canolfan Gymraeg Wrecsam.
This is a new community cooperative venture that's looking to re-open the building as a centre to promote all things Welsh locally with food and drink downstairs and room for offices, meeting rooms and classes upstairs. As well as welcoming Welsh speakers, learners and supporters, it will also focus on providing local produce and Welsh food and drink, especially real ale (we plan to open a micro-brewery in the cellar).

The intention is to lease the building in the short-term with the option to buy in the future.

We need to raise money in order to get the bar and kitchen ready for opening in December and we'd like to invite you, as a potential investor, to a meeting in the Saith Seren (Seven Stars in Welsh) this week.

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Public meetings for potential investors:

IN WELSH - Wednesday, 21 Sept - 2pm, 5pm or 7pm - please note which one you'd like to attend.

IN ENGLISH - Thursday, 22 Sept - 2pm, 5pm or 7pm - please note which one you'd like to attend.

There will be a short introduction, a question and answer session and then a quick tour of the building to allow you to see the potential for the Centre.

Wine and light refreshments available.

As we only have limited space for each meeting, we need to know whether you are coming in advance: Contact 7saith [at] gmail.com or text 07747 792 441.

If you can't make it, you can also invest online now here and find out how to volunteer at the centre.


Anonymous said...

great idea, i'd always liked the idea of a chain of welsh language only cafes across north wales. Perhaps this is the start.
The online investment link doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Oh bechod! Welsh language only cafes? Shall we ban the polish too? And the Asians, and the Hispanics?
Just where are we heading? I worry for our town

Saith Seren said...

It seems both Anons have missed the point of the Saith Seren venture, which is to be inclusive and welcoming of everyone. On a more positive note the dozens of people who attended our meetings today have been very enthusiastic in their support for the venture - more on www.saithseren.com

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Anon 2349 - Did you worry for the town when the Taste of Portugal opened? Have you ever been there? If not why not? We should try to experience and enjoy diversity not worry about it!

Fadro said...

I believe that both Anon comments reflect the prominence (intentionally or otherwise) given to the Welsh language facet of the project in both this blog and the literature on the webpage.

As a concept, I think a coop venture that can encompass both a professional environment for training, networking, workshops etc as well as a quality food/drink setup that can support local producers (as well as tapping into a moderately affluent, local lunch time market) is superb and I would support it all the way.

However, in my often expressed opinion, the emphasis on Welsh speaking, Welsh culture and Welsh produce will inevitably put off some potential investors, business partners and customers. Not to say that the Welsh flavour could not play a significant role (informal Welsh lessons, careers advice for Welsh speakers etc), but perhaps more as a valuable extension to a community run "hub".

PJ said...

Can someone please clarify is this a Welsh langauge only establshment? How will English speakers who have an interest in Welsh culture be treated?

7seren said...

Anyone who attended the open meetings, which were held in both languages, would have heard that the intention is to be inclusive and welcoming to everyone - whether Welsh speakers, learners and supporters of the language and culture.
It will certainly not be Welsh only.

Plaid Queensway said...

Everyone will be welcome, this project is about celebrating our Welsh culture and heritage, importantly it's about local people from Wrecsam taking ownership of it, which ever language they choose to speak!

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that many monoglots are all in favour of 'inclusiveness' when they feel somehow excluded but have no interest in including welsh speakers in any facet of public life be it establishing welsh medium schools or making public services accessible to welsh speakers.

Llais Twp said...

Whenever a Welsh language project is mooted it always brings varying extremists to the fore.
The majority of people hold sensible considered views but we also have the extremes rear their ugly heads - whether they are pro Welsh language 'fascists' or the anti Welsh language English Imperialists (who seem to be activie on here.)
I really like the concept of the Seven Stars co-op. I like how it will provide an environment for Welsh to flourish. I like how it is inclusive of all whatever language they speak or whatever their place of birth. I also like its emphasis on local and Welsh foods and produce.
I wish the project well.