Thursday, 1 September 2011

Welsh newspaper circulation continues to slide

The ongoing slide in Welsh daily newspaper circulation continues. Latest figures show the Leader has lost a seventh of its readership in the past year - down 12.5% to just 16,000 copies a day for its Flintshire, Wrecsam and Chester editions.
The Daily Post is now selling more than the Western Mail and its recent regionalisation seems to have helped limit the decline. How long before the papers, both owned by Trinity Mirror, officially merge?

North Wales Daily Post 31,802 -1.9pc
South Wales Argus 23,332 -5.5pc
South Wales Evening Post 40,149 -5.8pc
South Wales Echo 32,754 -7.4pc
The Western Mail 26,931 -8.9pc
The Leader (Wrexham, Flintshire & Chester) 16,131 -12.5pc


Anonymous said...

Bearing in mind how they dealt with the 'Monkey language' there any wonder they are in decline?

Anonymous said...

Not surprised the Leader is down because it doesn't report the news; you might as well have a weekly. The Leader as its website is useless. Yo want news in Wrexham then you get it from
Barrie Jones is just a mouthpiece for Lucas and Lesley

Anonymous said...

Today's story in the Leader about the football is a case in point. Phil Wynn is allowed to deny any "rumours" that he's involved in a counterbid to the Trust bid when in fact he's been caught red handed

Martin said...

I agree with the above point about the Leader in regards to its shocking reporting of the Wrexham FC saga. They have allowed themselves to become a mouthpiece of the owners and have been used for propaganda and to spread half-truths (at best) about the fans movement. For this reason, I am glad that they are losing readership; it's the least that they deserve!

Anonymous said...

The Leader should be reported to Trading Standards for false description of a product. They have a cheek to call it Wrexham Leader when so many editions are full of Deeside news. They also find it easier to copy court reports to fill space. We just don't have a means of getting any true newsw out.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

If you want Wrecsam news go to the online news an excellent resource and developing quickly.

Anonymous said...

What Wrexham need is a weekly Flintshire Chronicle, there is more news in that than in 5 Leaders. To charge 45p a copy is fraudulent