Sunday, 16 October 2011

Tories on the verge of imploding in Scotland

It's not only Labour that are in crisis in Scotland but the Tories as well. Going by this article in the Herald their situation is critical and it hinges on the bitter leadership battle to replace Annabelle Goldie as Leader of the Scottish Tories.

In the midst of this battle is the Tories's new Glasgow Regional list MSP, Ruth Davidson who is apparently the 'establishment' favourite to win the leadership and who has been accused by the campaign teams of the other 3 candidates of being favoured by the party in Scotland. Davidson's campaign team hit back:
In a sign of the civil war raging within the Tories, John Lamont MSP, Davidson’s campaign manager, hit back at what he called a “deliberate, vicious and frankly desperate” bid to smear her, and accused others of being prepared to embarrass the party in a “shocking display of naked self-interest”. The extraordinary developments suggest whoever replaces Annabel Goldie as leader on November 4 will inherit a party riven by internal feuds.

Isn't life a bitch!

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Siônnyn said...

And Salmond the Cabin boy just smiles, and says nothing!

The Unionists in Scotland are in total disarray. They are almost comical! Because, when they actually inspect their core beliefs about the union - they are all piss and wind! How can you defend something that has no substance?

You almost feel sorry fr them (though not quite!) .