Thursday, 20 October 2011

When Westminster comes to town

The Welsh Grand Committee - a toothless body including all Welsh MPs and a few representing English constituencies - was meeting in Wrecsam's Guildhall today.
They were met by campaigners opposed to Tory plans to cut 120,000 public sector jobs while also cutting the 50% tax rate for the rich.
Among those confronted were Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan, who oozed patronising sympathy, and her fellow Tory minister Chris "Grey" Grayling. This is a man so grey that he could barely look the protesters in the eye as they asked him to tax the rich not cut jobs.

But the best fun was had with the appearance of Michael "No it's not a wig" Fabricant, Tory rightwinger and MP for Lichfield.
Why was he there claiming expenses on a trip to Wrecsam? What could he possibly know about Wales?
Well, Michael got on his high horse very quickly and said: "My mother is from Wales and I own a house in Wales. And I probably speak very good Welsh."
Stop digging please, Michael.

At a time of pay freezes, pension cuts and job losses for public sector workers, how much is this grand committee costing us? It won't be cheap if you factor in all the travelling and accommodation costs for the MPs and the penguin-suited minions (see below). The archaic trappings of Westminster belong to a different age as well as a different country.


Astorious said...

Westminster comes to Wales, in the form of the Grand Committee - for the first time since 2001 - and that is somehow a problem? No such qualms about subsidised flights for IWJ then?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Fabricant was so funny. It was worth going just to see him going off on one.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I wonder how many of the MP's and their hangers on stayed in Wrecsam? Did their presence contribute anything to the local economy or was it all costs...1 Sergeant, 2 Constables and 3 PCSO's as well as additional council staff. Oh I forgot Station Cars did get a fare out of it.

Cibwr said...

"The Welsh Grand Committee exists because Wales is a nation, it has no powers in case Wales starts to act like one...."

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact Fabricant can do all he says.

Old Whig said...

Having a house in Wales hardly qualifies you to pontificate about the place. And when he was asked a question in Welsh he failed to respond.