Thursday, 24 November 2011

The last Post?

News that Liverpool Daily Post (an entirely separate animal to the Daily Post produced in Wales) is to go weekly will send shivers down many journalists' spines.
The Liverpool DP only has a circulation of 8,200 and is part of the Trinity Mirror group that has also seen the Birmingham Post go weekly. Although the Western Mail and Daily Post (Wales edition) are still a long way from that kind of circulation, it appears to be a group tactic to deal with falling circulation.
The Leader too, which is rumoured to be about to ditch its Mold HQ and move to the Deeside print headquarters, has seen dramatic falls in circulation - currently below 17,000.
The ability to adapt to rapidly changing ways of accessing news and media generally will determine which media outlets survive the next few years. But the further erosion of the Welsh newspaper industry would be a disaster, albeit one largely of their own making.


Jac o' the North said...

I had no idea that the Liverpool Daily Post had such a low circulation. Given the population of Merseyside that figure is pathetic. And seeing as they don't read the Sun what do they read? Though they still have the Liverpool Echo every day.

But if the Western Mail went weekly there would be no all-Wales daily. Unless, of course, Trinity Mirror was to merge it with the Daily Post and produce different editions. Which might work, even increase sales, if it got away from the WM's Cardiff bias.

And of course, there would always be the guaranteed adverts to help keep it afloat.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Scousers read the Liverpool Echo - that's remaining as a daily. The Daily Post has always relied on its Welsh readership to keep it afloat, so there's no real purpose to the Liverpool Daily Post as such.