Thursday, 3 November 2011

Plas Madoc Communities First - heads should roll

The Plas Madoc Communities First scandal first erupted in October 2009 when a BBC Wales radio programme aired concerns about misuse of public money. The concerns had been raised by whistleblower Mandy Bostwick, who had been employed briefly by PMCF. Her concerns were backed by Plaid's Janet Ryder AM, despite attempts by the police, PMCF and the local council to rubbish both her claims and general credibility.
To her very great credit, Mandy Bostwick stood her ground in the face of intimidation and the blackening of her name in a campaign orchestrated by Miriam Beard.
Janet Ryder's office was called following the radio programme by an incandescent Miriam Beard demanding that she attend a public meeting for the people of Plas Madoc to express their anger. She agreed but the meeting mysteriously never took place as the police and Wales Audit Office started investigating.
Throughout this sorry saga, recorded at length on this blog, the trustees who oversaw the project failed to take a lead. Among them is Councillor Paul Blackwell. This is what he had to say in December 2009, six weeks after the allegations were made in the media but a full TEN MONTHS after Mandy Bostwick took her concerns to the directors of PMCF:

Yesterday Plas Madoc Councillor Paul Blackwell, who sits on the PMCF board said the scheme was fully co-operating with the investigation.

Coun Blackwell said: “There is full co-operation with the investigation and at the moment there is no evidence of any wrong doing.”

Well it's there for all to see now.
For their failure to oversee a project that has spent millions on the Plas Madoc estate, for their failure to take seriously the whistleblowing of an employee, the directors of Plas Madoc Communities First should hang their heads in shame and resign.


S.M. said...

Blackwell will be history come next May and good riddance.

Plaid Queensway said...

The treatment of Mandy Bostwick in this whole saga is a scandal in itself. Those involved in this bullying need to brought to book for their actions. As the blog says, fair play to Mandy for sticking it out when many people would have given up.