Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Question Time, Ruabon style

Question Time came to Ruabon on the eve of the county council by-election. Or rather it didn't for three of the four candidates as they failed to turn up. Only Pol Wong, Plaid Cymru's candidate, faced questions from voters that ranged from planning to parking.
Stella Matthews, the mother of the Labour candidate and also the agent, turned up and tried to get the meeting cancelled on the grounds that they had refused to take part. She had also earlier told people in the village that the meeting had been cancelled and tried to insist to one shopworker that she take down a poster advertising the event. This annoyed the shopworker enough to bring her along to the meeting but by then Stella had gone.
It's a shame the other candidates didn't stay to listen to the concerns of local people. It's a shame that they treated the democratic process with such contempt. If they're not willing to answer to the people before they're elected, what hope is there of them being answerable once they're in post?
Fortunately, the signs for tomorrow are good. The campaign has entered its final 24 hours and Pol is on course to retain Barrie Price's seat for Plaid Cymru.

Use your vote on Thursday - vote Pol Wong


Anonymous said...

think they realised who would be the last man standing and stayed at home..... they should have done that with the rest of their campaign too! well done pol... goes to show who will make a genuine effort for the village!


Cneifiwr said...

Well done Pol Wong for taking part. We tried to organise a similar hustings where I live last year, but the party managers advised the candidates not to take part - PR management is alive and well, sadly. Politicians always say they are worried about voter apathy and low turnouts, while refusing to take part in open debate. It's good to see that this old tradition is still alive in Ruabon, even if Plaid was the only party willing to risk meeting the public.

Pob lwc i Pol.

JR said...

Doesn't Stella ever learn? She pisses more people off by her behaviour and actions than she wins over. I hope Dana loses just so that her mother gets her just deserts.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone needs to check with Dave Jones, remember him a Plaid member. I think he may/should question his membership after this, watch this space.

He cancelled the meeting due to two candidates pulling out, Kendrick and Owen. I know this won't be put on your Blog. I thought Pol had changed, remember him from my days working in Llan when he worked the doors. Really disappointed that he is going down this route and actually putting a picture up of him sat with no other candidates. I hope the village know what they are going to get if he is successful, lie about this what next?

I know this won't be put on your Blog, but I've taken a print and will send it in to the Leader & Post. Politics is seen as a dirty profession and you have certainly kept that up.

Well done Pol, 33rd Generation Shoalin Monk - where is the honesty?

Plaid Whitegate said...

Shame Anon couldn't put her name to the above. It's a matter of fact that Stella Matthews was the only person who dealt with Dave Jones.

As you can see, we've published the above.

The truth is that a question time event was never cancelled by the organisers. SM agreed the Labour candidate would come if the independent candidate would come. At the last minute SM decided against the Labour candidate attending and tried to get the whole event called off. That included telling people in the village it was cancelled and approaching the caretaker and chair in the community centre that it was cancelled.

To my knowledge, the only people who can cancel an event are those who organise it.

Where is the honesty? Indeed.

The difference is that I will put my name to my postings while you will post anonymously.

Ceri Littler said...

Just to say that I am the shopworker that Stella came and told that the meeting was cancelled, immediatly after talking to Pol Wong across the road - so she was completeley aware that the meeting was still going ahead before blatently lying to my face that the meeting was cancelled. To win by discusting underhanded behaviour is no win at all in my eyes! If that is how she gets herself in then how is she going to serve this community I wonder?

Plaid Queensway said...

Thanks for posting Ceri, the meeting was most definitely not cancelled as Stella knew full well, to say anything different is just not true. As for anon, if you're going to make personal insults and comments about Pol, have the decency to put your name to them, otherwise crawl back under your rock.

David Jones said...

Ok lets referee and close this off. Mrs. Matthews did always say that the Labour candidate would attend the Question Time session if there were at least three candidates in attendance. The Conservative candidate sent early apologies, but the independent candidate did not drop out until Tuesday evening. I advised Mrs Matthews on Wednesday morning at which point it was confirmed that Labour would not now be in attendance. The event was not cancelled at that point in time, but the viability in it going ahead was discussed. It was decided to go ahead as a number of local people had been advised. Publicity for the event had been somewhat imperfect.
Democracy took place yesterday and Labour won by one vote, and the candidate should now be supported to do their best for the village of Ruabon over the next few months, which is the real matter in hand here, the community of Ruabon.
That's me done with politics for a while, as I concentrate on family life, business, and charity / community work.