Friday, 18 November 2011

Ruabon by-election

Ruabon by-election result

Dana Davies (Lab) 231
Pol Wong (Plaid Cymru) 230
Andy Kendrick (Ind) 155
Adam Owen (Tory) 59

Llongyfarchiadau mawr i Pol am wneud cystal mewn tair wythnos o ymgyrchu.
Congratulations to the victor. Roll on May 2012.


Anonymous said...

owwww, mor agos. Da iawn Pol

glynbeddau said...

What a pity but based on it was formally a Labour Stronghold must leave Plaid in Wrexham encouraged for next May.

Anonymous said...

Mor anlwcus, gyfaill. Treia fo eto flwyddyn nesa!

Llais Rhiwabon said...

Such a close result.
However it clearly demonstrates how important it is for Plaid to select a candidate that actually lives in Ruabon. If Pol and Carrie lived in Ruabon and also assuming Pol and his wife/partner voted for Pol, then Pol would have won! Simple really. Their two votes would have been enough.
The local connection is so very important. People like to see their councillor in the shop or the pub or at the post office. They like to think that as he lives in the village, he also understands the village's problems. They like to know he is one of them. Labour may have made much that Pol was not living in Ruabon and that may have been a factor.
To lose by just one vote was a worthy effort but would a local candidate have been more likely to win? To be honest I don't know for sure, but I feel it may have benn worth at least one or two more votes!

Anonymous said...

The voters made their choice.That is democracy. But that is only the beginning! If she succeeds in attending 12% of council meetings she will probably beat her mother's record on Rhos community council by 1 too?

Anonymous said...

Seems Ruabon will have two representatives now!
The puppet and the power-crazed puppeteer?
Bootiful!!! The turkey dynasty rules! Decency...honesty...integrity...?...gobble gobble gobble!

Anonymous said...

Llais Rhiwabon a sensible post. I also think having your local members canvassing for you on the door step is invaluable. I only met the Labour candidate on the door step and she came across well. Marc Jones came to my door but not accompanied by Pol which I feel was a mistake. Personally think that people warmed to what seemed a more personal touch. I was shocked at the result as Barrie had a good majority but he was a very well liked local man.

I wish the Labour candidate well and feel she will work hard for Ruabon, time will tell I suppose as she has 6 months to prove herself.

What happened with Mr Kendrick and Mr Owen? Did they canvass this time? I only heard the loudspeaker for Kendrick but never had them knocking on my door? But there again I didn't meet Pol either but at least had a Plaid representative.

Just as a point, I'm not a plaid member but am interested in politics so go on many blogs and websites. Some of the comments visible are cringeworthy. If I was a voter who had not made my mind up then things like this can sway you one way or another. Just an observation!

Anonymous said...

Llais Rhiwabon, Why is it an excuse that Pol wasn't local when Marc doesn't live on his ward amd wins? It's these examples of double standards that cost us dearly in elections and until we play by ONE set of rules, we shall continue to struggle. If we leave ourselves open to an attack by the likes of Matthews Snr, we really need to get back to the drawing board.
Thank God it is just for six months!

Anonymous said...

I think Llais Rhiwabon meant that it is an advantage living in the ward. Common sense isn't it? A person who lives in the ward is going to have family, friends etc. I'm not saying Pol didn't but you can't say it's not an advantage. How is it double standards?

I don't understand this statement of an attack from Matthews Snr. I know who you refer to but have never met her. I have met Dana and can say she came across really well.

Again the "one set of rules" bit. What does that mean, regardless of whether you are local or not you still have to abide by the rules. Being local will always be an advantage.

The election in Ruabon has been good this year with having a Conservative as well. I personally think this is where Kendrick lost a portion of his vote.

I wish Pol well but think maybe he should stand again but in the ward that he lives.

I think the election in May is going to be another close call whoever the Plaid candidate is but all candidates are going to have to overcome the Labour candidates momentum. I'm certain that with having such a close result this time she will be making sure things start happening for Ruabon sooner than later.

I wish her well and can't wait for the next election as I'm sure it will be another cracker.