Friday, 11 November 2011

Scottish Tories are still in disarray!

I wrote a few weeks ago about the race for the leadership of the Tory Party in Scotland and the bad feelings and dirty tricks that were going on. Despite electing the establishment favourite Ruth Davidson MSP as their new leader the simmering discontent seems set to continue as Ms Davidson fails to command the loyalty of the 15 MSP's in the Tory Group with defeated leadership candidate Murdo Fraser refusing the Deputy Leadership whilst his campaign manager Liz Smith refused Ms Davidson's attempt to move her from Education spokesperson to Rural Affairs. It therefore appears that the new deputy leader will be another defeated leadership challenger Jackson Carlow MSP who came in third in the Leadership elections. Ms Davidson's immediate concern will however be her inability to form a front bench team of spokespersons to scrutinise and challenge the work of the SNP Government.

It seems therefore that Ms Davidson will not enjoy a leadership honeymoon period that most new party leaders benefit from. Perhaps there are lessons here for all political parties who are considering electing new leaders and that is to gain the support of the MSP's who you intend to lead, or as the Scotsman leader said in an aptly titled piece, "Tories’ new leader reaps what she sows as rivals kick back":
The reasons for this mood of rebellion among Tory MSPs is obvious to all, and should be to Ms Davidson herself. Many of the party’s few tribunes at Holyrood voted for her rival Murdo Fraser, who yesterday refused her offer to remain as deputy leader, the position he occupied under Annabel Goldie, and promptly walked off to the back benches after being refused the job he wanted of leading the Tory campaign against independence.

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