Friday, 16 December 2011

Wales and Scotland scarred by Wind Turbines?

I'm grateful to Our Solar Future for bringing this quarterly report to my notice. It is a report by Ofcom E-Serve on the renewable energy feed in tariff which provides some useful information as to who has what renewable technology.

I found that the installed capacity of various technologies was particularly revealing; in Scotland for example 39% or 15.8MW of the installed capacity of 40.6MW was produced by wind technology with only 31% produced by solar.

In Wales 18% or 3MW of the 16.8MW capacity was produced by wind technology and 77% by solar.

Whilst Wales and Scotland have 57.4MW installed capacity this is only 18% of the UK's total installed capacity; but Wales and Scotland produce 66% of the total installed capacity from wind for the UK, which would indicate a disproportionate scarring and exploitation of our landscapes compared to the low number of wind installations in England

Enough is enough, it is time to make a stand against onshore wind installations in Wales, there has been enough scarring and destruction of our landscapes.


Jac o' the North said...

Among the many problems with wind power is that the turbines are located a long way from the consumers. Which then means miles and miles of ugly and expensive power lines, pylons, sub stations.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

And how much electricity is lost en route?

Wind energy should only be used for local need that way the whole of mid Wales wouldn't be scarred by turbines.

Syd Morgan said...

Arfon, Couldn't agree more. I think we really need to understand why Plaid is so gung-ho for these onshore monsters. Apart from disfiguring our landscape, with all that means for tourism, farming, our history and general well-being (they certainly freak me out!), on-shore wind farms are almost entirely run for the benefit of global corporations subsidised by taxpayers. These same people want maximum energy use not energy conservation. For me as a Welsh nationalist, this industry is a perfect example of colonial exploitation. And it's electorally unpopular. So what can be done within the party? SYD

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Motion to conference opposing me!

Al Dante said...

A motion to conference might well be as effective as this year's motion to conference about nuclear power turned out to be!
And anyway what good would a Conference motion actually do? With major energy decisions still under the control of the Con-Dems in London and with Labour in Cardiff bay doing everything they can to avoid 'One-Wales' Mark 2,you might as well go piss into the wind that is causing this controversy!

Anonymous said...

A stupid policy...Wales does not control its natural resources.

Here is Plaid saying 'Go ahead, you can cover Wales in turbines!'

Crazy. I despair sometimes.