Sunday, 15 January 2012

Another Planet

I no longer need convincing that these Tories are on another planet. Who in their right mind would suggest that taxpayers should fund a new royal yacht to celebrate the queen's diamond jubilee and only at a small cost of £60 million especially as were in the middle of a recession.

Who indeed but the arch monarchist and England's Education Minister, Michael Gove MP.

This is no joke, Gove has written to both Jeremy Hunt and Nick Clegg on the subject and is reported in the Guardian. Following hot on the heels of Cheryl Gillan's little 'insider dealing' this little outburst will do nothing to enhance the credibility of this coalition government.

I wonder if Cameron still intends to remind us that were all in this together

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Anonymous said...

If we're all in this together, can I have a yacht too please? At the moment, I haven't got a paddle for my canoe.