Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Westminster seats for Wales revealed

These are the proposed Westminster constituencies - a total of 30 instead of the existing 40:
1. Menai ac Ynys Môn - 74,453
2. Gwynedd - 73,297
3. Ceredigion and
North Pembrokeshire - 74,173
4. South and West Pembrokeshire - 76,039
5. Caerfyrddin - 76,549
6. Llanelli - 76,970
7. Gower and Swansea West - 77,453
8. Swansea East - 76,637
9. Neath - 76,747
10. Aberavon and Ogmore - 73,895
11. Bridgend - 73,596
12. The Vale of Glamorgan - 74,728
13. Cardiff West - 74,844
14. Cardiff Central and Penarth - 76,346
15. Cardiff East - 79,287
16. Caerphilly and Cardiff North - 73,873
17. Newport West and
Sirhowy Valley - 73,217
18. Newport Central - 76,461
19. Monmouthshire - 73,862
20. Torfaen - 76,639
21. Blaenau Gwent - 77,304
22. Heads of the Valleys - 74,029
23. Rhondda - 73,194
24. Pontypridd - 77,786
25. South Powys - 78,136
26. Glyndwr and North Powys - 74,554
27. Wrexham Maelor - 78,353
28. Alyn and Deeside - 80,268
29. Dee Estuary - 80,278
30. North Wales Coast - 78,628
Locally, the Wrecsam constituency expands to take in the Maelor Saesneg as well as the villages of Ruabon, Coedpoeth, Minera, New Broughton, Brymbo, Brynteg and Bersham. The Clwyd South constituency disappears - partly into Wrecsam and partly into the new Glyndwr North Powys seat that will stretch from Denbigh right down to Welshpool. Both become more attractive propositions for Plaid Cymru as a result. There will, however, be an unseemly scramble among existing Tory and Labour MPs to grab the remaining seats given that Wales is losing 10 seats.
The impact on the Assembly constituencies hasn't been decided yet.

UPDATE: Map here


Rhys McKenzie said...

For anyone searching for a map, look here:


I honestly cannot get my head around just how nonsensical some of these new seats seem to be. I understand that the boundary commission has had a population quota to fulfill for each seat, but there are so many instances where wards with little or no connection to other communities in the new entities have been arbitrarily lumped together to make up the numbers. Take a look down at the valleys; a few wards in the Cynon valley have been arbitrarily added on to the Rhondda, and Newport West, for reasons I can't understand, stretches right over to Ystrad Mynach. Closer to home, I and my fellow denizens of Rhos will be voting to return an MP who will supposedly represent our views alongside those of the electors of Welshpool and Denbigh (the map is a little inaccurate where Rhos is concerned).

Now, I suppose it must be a fairly difficult thing to do, but surely someone can come up with a better solution than this?!

Plaid Whitegate said...

Must admit I'm baffled as to why they thought it was a good idea to split the Ponciau ward so that Aberoer and Pentrebychan are in Wrecsam Maelor and Ponciau and Rhos are in Glyndwr North Powys.
I suspect some dark motive to split the Jacko vote...

Rhys McKenzie said...

Upon further contemplation, it would appear that the only links connecting the northern and southern halves of the amazing new seat of Glyndwr and North Powys are country roads and unpaved tracks winding their way over the Berwyns! Love it.

Can't see much that's good for Plaid in these changes, either. It seems to me there's only two seats - Gwynedd and Caerfyrddin - that they should be able to hold on to relatively comfortably. Labour will fancy their changes in Menai ac Ynys Mon.

Lionel said...

given that most of the voting population just turn up, put a cross for their chosen party in a box and go home, these changes are really not that interesting. I for one do not care whether Anglesey is attached to Bangor or to Chepstow or Tregaron for that matter. The only people jumping up and down in protest here are the self serving MPs themselves and I for one would welcome a reduction from the excessive 40 we currently have, down to 3 never mind 30. As if you need attachment to a neighbouring community to be a consideration if you are concerned about EU policy, or an asylum seeker, or an English migrant who doesn't get the fact that the majority of bread and butter issues such as health and education are nothing to do with MPs anyway.